Episode 6


Note: Turn on the captions to watch with subs.


11 Responses to “Episode 6”

  1. JENNIFER123 Says:

    What the hell is wrong with Goo Jun Pyo???

  2. So Yeon Says:

    Jandi and Ji Hoo finally kissed!

  3. Getty Says:

    Sob sob i prefer Goo Jun Pyo but he is always acting like an asshole so Ji Hoo would definitely seem better for now………but im still supporting Jan Di and Jun Pyo all the wayyyy!!!!

  4. PurpleStar Says:

    JiHoo and JanDi are a perfect couple.
    Goo Jun Pyo is an asshole for sure. He’s always so aggressive, egoistic and stupid. I think JiHoo looks way more better than Goo Jun Pyo although he’s a model in real life, which I think is just due to his high…

  5. ShineDown Says:

    Jun Pyo hides the real him with all this….this….anger and it’s really irritating >=[

  6. :D Says:

    lyptika.. it seems that KBS has taken the video..
    can u put it back or something.. please..
    i only watch until episode 5..
    it really breaks my heart..
    it just started to be exciting.. :D
    please please do something..

  7. Jia Yi Says:

    Hmm, When I try to load the videos, it says “This video is no longer availabe due to a copyright claim by KBS America” Please help? (:

  8. Yu Yin Says:

    Does anyone know when we can get to watch the rest of it?
    and when will KBS let us watch the rest?


    i cannot watch this videos!

  10. MINIE Says:

    i love junpyo more than jiho..,,they are true fren but why jiho love his fren first love???chaiyo2 junpyo and jandi

  11. Anonymous Says:

    anyone know the movie JiHoo is watching when he calls JunPyo to say he is sorry but that he will protect Jandi?

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