Episode 21


Note: Turn on the captions to watch with subs.

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124 Responses to “Episode 21”

  1. lupe Says:

    omg so fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    tanx you

  2. link_vỉet_my Says:

    Thanks so much…love ur web…:X:X:X

  3. BiRainXD Says:

    Ooooh I like what Junpyo says to Jihoo after he gets punched.

    JP: “I won’t be able to let Jandi go.”


  4. oaf Says:

    will u upload the ep20 on monday at the usual time—bit after the aired time?
    just ask to see if u’ll upload. if not, it’s ok cos i still love yr web–always the fastest!!!

  5. _ra. Says:

    again, can you upload the 45s preview. ill wait patiently … if i can. & thank you so much for uploading the other one :) reall appreciate it!

    JanDi&JunPyo FIGHTING !

  6. lyptika Says:

    I’ll try, depends on how smooth the online streaming will be.

    And again – the short preview isn’t out yet. They will show it probably at the end of Ep.20. =)

  7. oaf Says:

    glad to hear that (clapping+hurray), thx a lot again

  8. _ra. Says:


    Lol, alrights.

    Thanks again. Keep up the good work ! :)

  9. le Says:

    thanks so much for posting this. can you help me/tell me how to get the subs off of viikii.net from the Infinity Challenge parody? i want to keep it if something happens. thanks.

  10. SAMI Says:

    When is ep 21 coming out?

  11. lyptika Says:

    Check out the TV ratings – or the main page.
    It airs every Mon + Tue.

  12. michelle Says:

    omg omg omg omg omg omg omg i love boys over flowers forever and everrrr <333
    thank you so much to everyone who supports this website :]

  13. korean Says:

    Wow~! JiHoo’s Punch is very HOT!^^

  14. grace0015 Says:

    thanks lyptika for uploading!!!!more power@tke care… im sad for junpyo&chandi….cant wait for the next episode…

  15. kimi Says:

    please 21/2, 21/3 21/4

  16. So Yeon Says:

    faster faster… can’t wait!!!

  17. jordan Says:

    hope u put up the subs soon till then can anyone tell me wat jandi nd the girl r saying in part 1 ep 20

  18. Linda Says:

    thank you

  19. SAMI Says:

    Viikii server must be down…

  20. SAMI Says:

    @lyptika, you should leave a email because I’m sure there will be other really good drama that I want to keep up with and if youtube takes down your acct I might not be able to find your sites again..

  21. nana yamachi Says:

    lyptika your are AMAZING!!!!. all my friends have gotten addicted to BOF and we all agree that this is the BEST site for it.!!!! THANK YOU!!!!.

  22. May Says:

    Yey, Episode 21!
    Hope the english subs for this episode come out soon!
    Thank youu =)

  23. Chaeyeon Says:

    where is part 3, 4, and 5

  24. Chaeyeon Says:

    this is not uploading fast enough. i would rather have boys over flowers ep 21 not be out today instead of missing some parts from the movie

  25. Linda Says:

    chaeyeon needs a chill pill AHAHAHA

  26. Alicia Says:

    upload the rest please!!!

  27. Miii Says:

    Pls and upload the rest~ with english subbies~ thank yew

  28. lyptika Says:

    Then I’ll recommend you to check on the episodes the day after the broadcast – or download the full episode to your PC and watch it without have to wait.

    @Miii & Alicial
    Your requests won’t expand neither my broadband nor won’t they speed up youtube to process my vids faster.

  29. Linda Says:

    thank you lyptika definitely appreciate everything you’ve done and i think it’s fast enough especially you have it uploaded on the same day it is aired! good stuff. oh yeah, i think part 4 is unavailable. take care<3

  30. lyptika Says:

    You’re welcome.
    Part 4 was processing for about 3 hours, but it’s available now. Double click on it and watch it directly from youtube. =)

  31. Rachy Says:

    thank you so much for posting up this series i love it.
    Im not korean so i cant really understand it. i was wondering when you would be able to put up the subs.

  32. Chaeyeon Says:

    lyptika are u korean? i am just wondering

  33. lyptika Says:

    You’re welcome. ^^
    Arashi is doing the subs, not me. She will be busy today so the subs will be up later.
    Viikii is also having problems on their site, so I cannot access the subs there… =/

    I’m German/Russian. =)

  34. Lori:) Says:

    Thank you so much <3 I absolutely love Boys Over Flowers!
    You are awesome for getting the episodes to us so quickly!:)

  35. nana yamachi Says:

    omg i’m absolutely dieing with impatience >< i was never one to be able to wait, but this is SO worth it. guess i’ll just come back at night gahh!! T^T

    BUT THANK YOU!!!!!

  36. Lori:) Says:

    Please Thank Arashi too! :) You guys are great!

  37. zaizai00 Says:

    can anyone tell me the song that starts at about 1:00 on 21-5?

  38. Anonymous Says:

    omg im so happy taht jihoo is bonding w// gandpa ^^

  39. ashii Says:

    looks like viikii is working now…

    thanks for all your trouble everyone!!

  40. rachel Says:

    ep 5 isn’t working for me.
    i tried refreshing it.
    it says the video isn’t available.

  41. rachel Says:

    oops i mean PART 5. haah

  42. lyptika Says:

    Try to double click on the video.

  43. _ra. Says:

    OMG! This is totally making me go wild. I went everywhere to see if they finished subbing (vikki, dramacrazy, mysujo, and here!) I really want to watch it. Ahhh, i know im being greedy right now but HURRY SUBBING PLEASE!

    Please tell me it will be done by 10:00 ! :)

  44. Farhana Says:

    lyptika……I love u sooooo much. mmmmmuuuuah

  45. black ocean Says:

    lyptika, will you upload the OST vol 2 in torrent because only torrent works for me.. T__T

  46. lyptika Says:

    Arashi is dong her best to provide us with hiqh quality english subtitles. Ahe slept only 3 hours in the last 2 days, please give her some rest. Bty, viikii is working now, so you can watch in there. =)

    @black ocean
    Torrent link for OST2 added in the Soundtrack section – enjoy! =D

  47. black ocean Says:


  48. black ocean Says:

    thanks!! :)

  49. Jenny Says:

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :):):)

  50. KimBum'sCutie Says:

    this has got to be the best site everr(:
    i have gotten soo addicted to BOF!!!

  51. bluestar Says:

    THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. #GAHr Says:

    * Lmao,
    forgive me for staring but it just cannot be helped !
    F4 are just some mighty fine looking creatures, neh? (♥-♥)

    you know what ? … you guys are just AWESOME (^-^)
    HQ vids and subs w ENG, thank you ! viikii provides great subs but not the best of visual quality at times and it really hurts the eyes, soo this was a break through for me finally seeing actual faces and not just the subs.

  53. lupe Says:

    im so mad does any body now what is going to happen next
    plez come moday

  54. black ocean Says:

    i think i’m asking too much, but do you know the ending song for this episode? i can’t find it in the OST.

  55. junpyo-love Says:

    what is the song title when JP holds on to JD shoulders?i really love it..

  56. kriistaaall Says:

    QUESTION! WHAT SONG IS PLAYING AT THE END? thank you soooo much by the way, this is greaaat :) you guys are awesome

  57. junpyo-love Says:

    by the way,,anyone knows how to write Goo Jun Pyo in korean?please,i need it urgently,thanx for any one that write it for me.

  58. Jihoo Says:

    My million thankssssssss!!!!!!!

  59. Jenny -^___^- Says:

    OMG!! i frickin love that GRANDMA!! lol. she’s the only frickin thing that can do something against jun pyo’s mom. YAY GRANDMA!! lol.

  60. dorothy2 Says:

    the vids for part 1 & 4 indicates that it is no longer available ?

  61. sakura Says:

    stupid jae kyung!! really hate her!!

  62. Zilah Says:

    hey lyptika,

    i’m surprised that u r russian/german, not Korean…

    my hats off to u, babe!!

  63. 53 Says:

    does anyone know the song name to part6 around 6:15

  64. sandra Says:

    hey..anyone know the ending song???

  65. sandra Says:

    hey thanks for the subs..anyone know the ending song???

  66. sandra Says:

    i found the song!!
    A&T – 가슴이 어떻게 됐나봐
    go http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gkyKnUqKFEc
    to listen

  67. jesika Says:

    Oh … I am sooo absolutely infatuated with this drama!! Jan Di is sooo adorable!! JiHoo’s becomeee hot hot! I will definitely be buying the series when it’s available for sale!!

    A big big thankss!! to you lyptika and the subbbing team’s effort in getting these vids across to us hungry fanatics.

    I just had a quick scroll through the comments.. and BAD form to those who were displeased with the site’s uploading rate. It’s totally reliable and quick!! props!! Okay illl shut up now ..hAHAHA

  68. mel Says:

    HI lyptika, Sorry to intrude, im kinda asking a question not related to ep21, i hope its okay… i tried to download the episodes on an ipod version, but i realized to late (duh!) that it has no eng sub. is there anyway i can download the episodes with english subs, and i can also watch it on my ipod??? I apologize in advance if this seems like a stupid question, im just not a very computer savy person… thanks a bunch…

  69. Shannon Says:

    Hey, I have been looking for the song for a while now.. Hmm.. I have been trying to understand exactly what the lyrics say so I can find the song but it’s not easy with the noise in the background.. I’ll try though.

  70. Shannon Says:

    They will be releasing OST 2.5 for all the missing songs soon.. I know it’s something along the lines of this.. Anyone else know what the lyrics are?

    Starts with 가지마라요
    정말 가슴이 어떻게 됬나봐 – Chorus

  71. _ra. Says:

    yeah, i know. i give her my gratitude! I can finally watch it. i was just so eager to watch. i apologize.


  72. syl Says:


  73. Sae Says:

    *sigh*… when could we finally see Jandi and Junpyo happy togheter? T_T I’m bored to see Jandi sad and Junpyo puzzled!
    I HATE that stupid monkey and I don’t want to see also Jihoo sad!! Kyaaah, this drama is so complicated!>_<
    Sometimes I thought about when Jandi dreamed about the gipsy-women who said there are two men… one her soulmate and one her husband… I hope Jandi won’t marry Jihoo and regret Junpyo forever… maybe she will marry Junpyo and regret Jihoo O_O. Omg, I’m going mad XD.

    sorry for the stupid stuff I have said

  74. shin Says:

    가슴이 어떻게 됐나봐- A & T..
    its from the OST2.5

  75. junpyo-love Says:

    i’m so irritated,i don’t know how to download the OST vol. 2,the freaking rapidshare is just not working!!uuuggghhh!!!

  76. junpyo-love Says:

    someone please tell me how to download stuffs from youtube please!!!!!*begging*

  77. junpyo-love Says:

    the last song’s title is “missing heart” but before that,i’m telling you people that it’s very hard to download that lovely song,i don’t know if it’s hard for you,but it’s realllllllllyyyyyy rrreeeaaalllyyyy vvveeerrryyy hard for me,in fact i need help!!

  78. 구준표 Says:

    it is ‘missing heart’ by ast1

  79. 구준표 Says:

    it’s kinda hard to download thAT song!:((((((((((

  80. lyptika Says:

    The song playing at the end is named A & T – 가슴이 어떻게 됐나봐 and is available in the soundtrack section.

    That’s why I posted alternative download link for people who can’t download from rapidshare.
    Why not try Megaupload/Mediafire or Torrent? =)

    iPods cannot read softsubs (seperate sub file), so the only way to watch it with subs on an iPod is to embed the subs into the video file (hardsub). I could do this and post the links here, but WithS2 (the subbing team doing the softsubs for this show) is against hardsubbing and destributing their subs, so I guess you have to do that yourself (for your use only). Here’s a tutorial how to do it: http://forum.koreandramas.net/topic_541.html

    Double click on the video and watch it from the original source. =)

    See my comment above, it’s the same song from the end of the episode.

  81. Lori:) Says:

    Grandma rocks but Miss baby is evil :) I bought the cd so I could listen to all these songs on my ipod they are all wonderful but Starlight Tears is my favorite.:)

  82. Mizuki Says:

    Oh my, oh my! Thank you so much Lyptika this is a great job , as usual ^^

  83. omgitsmariland Says:

    A & T – 가슴이 어떻게 됐나봐 …

    what does that song title say in english?? lol

    im so lame i cant understand korean but im watching so many korean things… X]

  84. __=) Says:

    stupid monkey -.-

  85. Coolliioooo Says:

    girls sorry goo jung pyo i smine.

  86. kimizuke Says:

    episode 22, 23, 24, 25 please…………………………..
    i wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. lyptika Says:

    It’s kinda hard to translate, but literally it means “my heart had an brain freeze”.

    @Kimizuke, you’re not the only one waiting. =)

  88. catherine Says:

    Love the Grandmother… she is awesome. I am gathering she was the mother to jung pyo’s father not the bitch. …. his fiance is more like his mother … i hate to see him marry her…. but i think jan di is better off with ji hoo

  89. yoonice Says:

    lyptika you are too cool :)
    and does anyone know the song that plays at the end of episode 21
    the one when jae kyung and jun pyo are talking at the wedding place and a song starts playing. its sung by a guy. i really wanna know what it called thank you!

  90. omgitsmariland Says:

    heh thats so funny!! how can your heart have a BRAIN freeze?!? lmao… X] THANKS so much for the song and supa fast OST 2.5 download! it came out today correct?

  91. Veronica Says:

    Thank you so much for uploading and subbed!!! :XXX

    By the way,can u pleased tell me when ep 22,23,24,25 will be uploaded? I’m now longing 4 :(

    Seems like i had a broken heart like Jandi =(( OMG wanna see ep 22,23,24,25 to be happy again :”>

  92. ami Says:

    wow! this episode is so cool…. i love ji hoo very much… especially in the scene where they need to take pictures in their wedding clothes…. love it… thanks for this site… hope the next episode will be here soon…:)

  93. verona Says:

    thank u for this eps.when the next eps wiil coming?

  94. mikecsaw Says:

    thanks for the ost 2.5 <3 UUUU Do u have epi. 22 preview yet?

  95. Yadak Says:

    Oh Great and Awesome Lyptica,

    I worship at your base of your computer monitor!! Thank you for your generosity and willingness to bring this silly little show to the pathetic masses!

    I wish Blessings to your computer screen
    May your disk drive stay clean
    May your modem always please
    and your monitor never freeze
    May your printer never Jam
    and your email never spam
    May you never get a virus
    Like an annoying Miley Cyrus

    Thank you again for all you do
    and for putting up with us too!!


  96. shyangz Says:

    just wanna say thanks for uploading the HD clips~ 3 more episodes!!

  97. joo pyo my fience Says:

    that very fast,
    thk u,
    i think joo pyo fience very like joo pyo,
    i very sad went i see joo pyo n jandi sad!
    i hope edpisod 24 jandi marry joo pyo,
    i very sad want joo pyo fience say like this to jandi (i like u very much) n (if i were to choose two people that were most important to me in this whould word it’s to the point i would answer goo joo pyo n geum jandi)

  98. Jan Di Says:

    Thanks lyptika! gosh i enjoy this show very much!!! I thank Arashi for english subbing. I can understand everything!!! Who knows I will be speaking korean in no time …although I’m learning a bit already by just watching the shows ….More power to you guys!!!

  99. tsaqif Says:

    i wait………………………………………………….

  100. nana yamachi Says:

    omg luuuuuv *tackle* thanks lyptika!!!!.
    ahhhh~ now i can’t wait for 22 ‘n 23. omg JP and JD better end up together or i swear i’m gonna cry my eyes out TT^TT.

    JP and JD FIGHTING!!!

  101. han yae jin ♥ Kim Bum Says:


  102. Shannon Says:

    Hey Lyptika, if you are interested in trying to put in lyrics of the songs in Korean and English translation on the website I’d like to help.. Just let me know or send me an e-mail.

  103. lyptika Says:

    Thanks! I’ve just sent you an eMail. ^^

  104. nana yamachi Says:

    omg….it’s said that JP is gonna loose his memory…!!!!! omg noooo!!!!! jeez i hope those people are wrong><

  105. Lori:) Says:

    Oh i am so excited that you guys are going to translate the songs! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!! :D

  106. kimizuke Says:

    i still wait………………….. wait wait wait

  107. 사랑해~ Says:

    ahhhh~~ cannot wait until episode 22 comes out!

  108. MissKaNia Says:

    Where’s the spoilers for episode 22 and 23? Is it true that KBS now trying to stop all leaked online episodes? Pls tell me it isn’t so

  109. abby Says:

    I was able to see the prev. of episode 22-23 but I was a liitle bit anxious to know that GJP”S father was alive and he is in coma.And the comment that I read is that GJD was the one who help GJP’s father to recover so where does the parts could be where GJD who was accepted to the medical sch. and the reason why she was very anxious to study because she want to revive GJP’s memory.And then I saw in episode 23 where GJD visit GJP in his house and whenGJP ask her why she was there because she want to play with him. I am lost really..After the break up of the wedding I know that they have a good time together but then how come that they’re again in bitterness. Is GJD suffering will never end?? Is there hope for Her to be happy? and be with GJP to get married once in for all.
    I really looking forward to the happy ending please no more endurance for her, let GJP’s mother feel the pains sometimes don’t let all the children bear the burden alone.
    Let her share it. If her husband still alive and it’s true that GJD was the reason that he has recover I guess there’s hope for GJD to get married to GJP in the long run.To GJD when terrible happen to people you love, your caring words from a loviing heart can make a difference.When your heart is empty,filling it with happy memories can help you through the dark hour .Take heart.God never gives more paini that we can bear.

  110. abby Says:

    Whatever everybody say i love GJP@GJD pair even in real life I love to see them together.Who can refuse a woman like GJD she is very talented and very natural in all angles.Any men that will glance on her will feel in love at the first glance why? look at her skin the way she convey herself, very feminine. she all 3 b’s ( bank, beauty and brain)
    Any man that will marry her will be be like hitting the lottery.
    You willever be lonely with her because she knows how to play instrument and if you’re sad she can sing for you.. Seldom you can find that in Korean actresses now a days
    Mostly of them they have only beauty and acts on the screen compare to her talents. Hopefully I can see both of them on the screen togther after BOF final viewing..For the
    direvtor that make this possible for us to watch MORE POWER TO YOU YOU YOU MADE A FANTASTIC JOB.The happiness that you brought up to the audience and fans cannot be bought by money..Khamsameda even though I don;t know hoe to spell it THANKS A MILLION please derek
    more on GJP&GJD in the future..and hopefully they can hooked up together in real essence of life…….be happy….

  111. abby Says:

    Derek you can send me an E-mail I will love it…

  112. abby Says:

    I can’t wait no longer …I’ so excited to see GJP _GJD on the screen. If I could pull the time I will do so..I( think I’m losing my patience .I’m just very anxious to see GJP’s father and to think of that that we all presume that he passed away and then found out that he still alive everybody must be excited to what these two siblings will do to their wicked mom. Unfortunately I have to wait for few more hours to see my beloved GJP/GJD and of course the rest of the F4. Thank you..

  113. abby Says:

    GJD-GJP true love is when you shed tears and still want him/jeer
    it’s when he/she ignores you and you still love him/her

  114. Anonymous Says:

    but not available alrdy i cannot watch the episode 21..huhuhuih

  115. gem Says:

    i cant view anything n0w..

    it’s n0t available… huhuhu…

  116. meme Says:

    ohh why isn’t it available :(

  117. pink Says:

    i love boys over flowers
    specialy jihoo

  118. madelyn Says:

    rcvhyj bu

  119. madelyn Says:

    i like over flowers

  120. Tiffany Says:


  121. Tiffany Says:

    does anyone know what that piano song is in episode 21? when they get to the place near the sea. its about 35 mins into the episode.


  122. secret Says:

    i love boys over flower….!!!!!!!!
    speacialy woo bin…….

  123. agen bola Says:

    bagus sekali gan, saya mau lihat disini saja

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