Episode 20


Note: Turn on the captions to watch with subs.

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54 Responses to “Episode 20”

  1. Zahra Says:

    Episode 20 .!!!!!!!!!!! please come sooner
    I can’t wait for it

  2. verona Says:

    I CAN’T WAIT FOR EPS 20 PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

  3. _ra. Says:

    thanks for the upload. but can you please get the 45s preview! this one shows like the whole thing, i just want the main point of Episode 20. please and thank you :)

    yess, its almost monday ! -jumps-

  4. lyptika Says:

    The short (official) preview wasn’t released yet.
    I’ll post it when it’s available.

  5. kimbumluvr Says:

    omg!!! i wish there were subs.. i want to know wat they are saying!!>< and i cant believe he met his first love.. maybe SoEul Mates are not meant to be!!):

  6. Vivien. :)) Says:

    :)) cant wait!

  7. __=) Says:

    i really wanna know what they’re talking about =(
    soo hook up on this series..LOL
    can’t wait till monday!

  8. BiRainXD Says:


    JP (on hand radio): Junpyo to Jandi! Make me ramen.
    JD: No! I’m not doing this job on my own free will!
    JP: Have it done (ramen) in 10 minutes!
    JD: Do you wanna die?
    *maid master walks in* “What are you saying to the young master?!”


  9. _ra. Says:


    i love you. Lol, no homo.

  10. dbsklover.. Says:

    i cant ‘t wait 4 edpisod 20..

  11. Tina Says:

    cann’t wait ’til tomorrow

  12. kprocks89 Says:

    omg. can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!! looks so cute!

  13. agnes Says:

    support u!!! waiting for your uploading!

  14. happyhosue_fullhouse Says:

    Oh,why still not have ep 20?waiting for your rp 20,Please,please hurry up…..

  15. lyptika Says:

    I won’t upload the LQ version today. the streaming wasn’t as smooth as usually. Stay tuned for the HQ.

  16. _ra. Says:

    will this episode come today or tomorrow ?

    I use to watch this at vikki, but its always LQ. and here is HQ, so i could see their faces much clearer. All thanks to Lyptika. :)

    Keep up the good work. FIGHTING!

  17. kimbum Says:

    when ep20 is coming out?

  18. Miii Says:

    Wewt~ ep 20 is finally out :D

  19. me Says:

    ENGLISH please please please!

  20. lyptika Says:

    Complete subs won’t be out till tomorrow.

  21. Sommer Says:

    Lyptika, YOU ARE THE BEST!!! thanks so much!! ;D

  22. laurie Says:

    Your videos aren’t working anymore! It says that they’re unavailable. T^T

  23. lyptika Says:

    They’re working fine. Just keep on trying and refresh the site.

  24. laurie Says:

    okay! Only one of them isn’t working right now, but I’ll keep on trying to refresh it :D

  25. laurie Says:

    so I’ve officially tried restarting/refreshing pt 2 9 times. It’s still not “available” :(
    any ideas/suggestions??

    if not, I’ll just skip it :T Thanks for all ur hard work though!!!!~

  26. lyptika Says:

    Try to double click on it and see if it works streaming directly from youtube.

  27. laurie Says:

    You’re awesome!
    It worked :D

  28. me Says:

    Lyptika your pretty awesome, thanks.

  29. tabi Says:

    Why ep 20 not have eng sub :(( I want to know what they say…Hope sub will be coming soon :)

  30. nana yamachi Says:

    umm i’ve double clicked it to stream off youtube but for some reason it stops loading at a certain point. any ideas on how to fix it?

    thanks for the subs so far!!! AMAZING

  31. Anonymous Says:

    no part four

  32. _ra. Says:

    OMO! Thank you oh so very much.

    I’ve been waiting for this episode for so LOONNGG! You are the best Lyptika. Can’t wait for tomorrows episode. -jumps-

    FIGHTING! :)

  33. Jenny Says:

    omg.. EP. 20 is finally HERE!!! YAY!! -^__^-

  34. buddhaman68 Says:

    Finally…encounter between JP and JD…it’s been awhile…now it’s back to exciting and giggling cute!!!

  35. ashley Says:

    thank you for uploading so quickly all the time :)

  36. Jihoo Says:

    thanks for ep.20 it’s grrrrreeeeeeeeeeeatttt!!!!!!!

  37. tabi Says:

    thanks for ep.20 :D

    Can i have a question?

    Do you know what does SUNBAE mean?

  38. sakura Says:

    poor gaeul.. she was really happy before yi jung ran away..

  39. sakura Says:

    tabi.. SUNBAE mean SENIOR..

  40. mikecsaw Says:

    thank you so much. do you know where to download the songs in epi. 20? cann’twait for tomorrow. :))

  41. Jeannie Says:

    what is the song that plays when jandi is asleep in the cupboard? AHHHHHHHHH. i need that song. its so touching.
    and gosh, who wouldnt want GJP as a BF seriously.
    he is perfect! =9
    and its so funny Jihoo and his grandpa doesnt eat green beans. hehee. gosh, the scene GJP helps JD to cover the blanket and carry her out of the cupboard is so sweeeet.
    and the last scene, 5 minutes! then JaeKyung arrives. LOL.

  42. jomaychomay Says:

    thank you so so much for these videos and for the downloadable ipod version :)

  43. Riki D Rorat Says:

    와 20화 정말 기다렸어요 굿 굿!

  44. yanyangoogoo Says:

    wahahahaha! thanks fior the vid and for the subs as well..
    i was able to watch the movie they were watching together..kim bum was in that movie… :)

  45. Superman Says:

    Awesome! Thanks Alot

  46. sue Says:

    hahaha…(^0^) i love this episode tooooo much….cant stop laughing from the very beginning…!!! i really miss scenes between JP & JD…more scenes on them…!!

  47. sue Says:

    sorry..more scenes between them..!!

  48. jordan Says:

    oohh this is turning out to be more like the anime……..i reali hope that gaeul nd eu jung grt together in the end aswell as gjp nd gjd

  49. Han Says:

    thanksss a lot lyptika…btw do anyone knows what’s the song in the part when jun pyo put a blanket on jan di while she’s sleepin on his chair?i like the song so much…cant find it yet…thankss :)

  50. Chigeul Says:

    lyptika..ur site absolutely hott..muahhh
    i love BOF version korean so much..

  51. Yuffie Says:

    thanks for upload!! high quality awesome!!!

  52. Shenny Says:

    Fight the bad feeling by T-Max

  53. Tatsuya-world Says:

    Can you please have english subtile for dowload all episodes for ipod??

  54. Tatsuya-world Says:

    If someone have find a website where there are all episode with eng sub for ipod please tell me!
    configuration: i have a pc with Ubuntu (Linux)
    so i can’t install a lot of programs….like vob sub
    so can you find all episodes in another site?

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