Episode 14


Note: Turn on the captions to watch with subs.


37 Responses to “Episode 14”

  1. facing Says:

    Thanks a lot!! You’re so fast.
    Keep waiting for more parts to come up ^_^

  2. Autumnrainbi Says:

    Thanks you very much
    I like Boys over Flowers
    Aja ! Aja ! Fighting

  3. willa Says:

    Thank u so much!!
    I’m really impressed with Lee Min Ho’s acting.
    He’s really good!!! <3

  4. IRAHELENA Says:

    though i don’t understand without the subs but thank you so much for uploading fast :)

  5. hannah Says:

    KIM BUM!

  6. ms Says:

    thank you so muchh <3
    i made this site my favorite <3
    i will visit this site a lot <3

  7. miss_dian Says:

    You are so amazing!!! Thank you soooooooo much!!! *huggles*

  8. Chaeyeon Says:

    YOu rock! you are awesome. I cant believe u did one the next day. YOU ROCK!!!

  9. Chaeyeon Says:

    Wait is this the last episode?

  10. lyptika Says:

    No, there are still 10 episodes to go. :D

  11. Soo gyung Says:

    omg this is so good!! i really want to watch 15 now! grr i have to wait till next mondayyy.. wahhhh >_<

    chaeyeon:: nope.. boys before flowers goes on till ep. 24.. but the writers are thinking about extending it to 26 episodes

  12. Chaeyeon Says:

    Soo gyung: Thank u. I am glad. I LOVE THIS MOVIE. and i dont think u have to wait next monday. because ep 14 came out today and……………….. oh wait ur right. i do have to wait next monday. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

  13. ANGI Says:

    thanks a lot, i always watch “boys over flowers” that u updated
    but, im just wondering when the sub will be added?
    thanks a lot!!!

  14. lyptika Says:

    Edit: Subs are up. =)

  15. Jenny Le Says:

    when can i watch the next eps??? i cant wait !!!

  16. lyptika Says:

    The next episode will air on Monday (23th Feb)

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Is this show runs only on monday?

  18. lyptika Says:

    Mon & Tue. (See main page)

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks! I enjoy watching this enjoy !!!

  20. Chaeyeon Says:

    AWWWWWWWWWWWWW man i cant belive i have to wait next week for another episode. I AM SAD:(

  21. Chaeyeon Says:

    hey KDRAMA! all the videos are perfect except that all the episodes are cut off. and i cant see a quarter of the screen. so could u fix that? thanx!

  22. lyptika Says:

    They’re not cut off, it seems rather that they don’t fit with your screen resolution. Try to change it to 1280×1024. Or double click on the video part & watch it from the original source :)

  23. john Says:

    OH MY GOD!!!
    his mom is so…BITCHY!! and MEAN and…and… ugh i can’t even think of words bad enough to discribe her!!

  24. sarang Says:

    Thank you so much. Your work as always is exceptional!

  25. lupe Says:

    i love this show so tanx for geting the show so fast

  26. Yadak Says:

    Thank you Lyptica – your talent and generosity is wonderful….. and Lovlibelle –your words are beautiful!

  27. sarahh Says:

    gahh!! i love thiss!!! soo intencee!!! cant waitt to see ep 15!!
    when does it come out?!

  28. lyptika Says:

    On Monday, see the main page for details. =)

  29. lupe Says:

    dosnt run on modays and thusdays

  30. relani Says:

    thank you so much for subbing. excited for epi 15. :)

  31. hyacnth Says:

    yhnk you so much…..you’re my angel……pls. do continue to upload until the end…………thnk you……love you so much……..

  32. So Yeon Says:

    That guys was gay right?

  33. bunnyfun Says:

    I find the gay friend really annoying..

  34. Grace Says:

    what the hell is wrong with junpyo?! he’s so rude 2 jandi pretending to like jandi I can’t stand him!!!!!!!!!!!1111111

  35. Scarlet Says:

    I love the scene with Jandi in the bathroom and JiHoo walks in… I laughed so hard. I know good and well I’d be embarrassed like that too had Kim Hyun Joong walked in on me…. LOL He’s too hot. I don’t even like my female or gay male friends to see me like that.

  36. Scarlet Says:

    lol sorry I forgot I was wondering does anyone know what company made the nightshirt/headband Jandi is wearing the white and pink one it’s so cute…

  37. alisa Says:

    Does anyone know what siundtrack name is played when Jupyo saw Jandi looking at the shoe?

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