Episode 23


Thanks arashi for subbing!

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94 Responses to “Episode 23”

  1. angelaBeBe93 Says:

    OOO that witch
    I cant wait to see both
    Its ending to fast urgh will there be a dvd?

  2. kojjhs Says:

    0.o woow sooo fast thanx

  3. Shannon Z Says:

    JanDi is so bubbly! :D
    she’s really cute x]

  4. Lori:) Says:

    I am sooo happy to see Jan-Di happy again :) counting the hours until the next episode :D

  5. Lori:) Says:

    oh BTW! the pictures are awesome!!!!! I do miss JP’s curly hair though ;)

  6. Tina Says:

    thanks you made my week. Will i be able to find it on DVD?

  7. Chaeyeon Says:

    Tina: No tina u wont be able to find it on dvd. but there is a korean store if u live in blue bell. so anyway u can find the movies into parts like how it is posted here. it is on vcr.

  8. _ra. Says:

    Lyptika, you know those photos on the side there >
    are they from the next episode ?! or is it just like a photoshoot they did. Its really CUTE! i wish i had a boyfriend like him. -envious- GAHH! i cant stop looking at the kissing scence.


  9. lianna24 Says:


  10. ami Says:

    woohh!!! thanks for the pictures at this side–>
    i am really excited for the next episodes….

  11. ouyka Says:

    very interesting

  12. Jee Says:

    T.T I wanted to watch this episode tonite…
    is it coming out tmr?

  13. Chaeyeon Says:

    hey y isnt ep 23 out

  14. lyptika Says:

    Sorry for the late update, guys. I have a life, too. ;)

  15. 소희 Says:

    hey… i can see a bunch of you guys are waiting for episode 23 to come out…
    if you go to http://www.viikii.net you can watch episode 23 im pretty sure it is subbed by now XD
    and on viikii theres other asian drama and movies to watch!

  16. potty Says:

    wow, how come I find this great site only when this drama is almost over

  17. Chaeyeon Says:

    I was crying when I saw this episode. Sigh. Why would Jandi leave like that and break Jun Pyo’s heart. She could have done something else to return to Jun Pyo’s mom. Man I hate that stupid mom. Lyptika are you sure there are only 25 episode of Boys over Flowers because it doesn’t seem like the movie should end now. By the way how did you get the episodes of Boys over Flowers so early? I know I am writing so much but it is because this episode is SO sad. I was crying like crazy during the part where Jandi left Jun Pyo. I hope they get married. Hey lyptika do you have any spoilers of the next episode? Well I think I said enough. I hope Jandi and Jun Pyo stay with each other forever! :(

  18. jen Says:

    i know this is off topic but can u put up the website that show how 2 convert softsubs to hardsub

  19. Shannon Says:

    I was crying too.. It was the most I’ve cried watching this drama! Most of know the ending of the Japanese one and the Manga but I wonder what will happen to the Korean one.. :)

  20. lyptika Says:

    Better late that never. :D
    You’re lucky that you didn’t have to wait for the next episodes… each week…. for 3 months, like I did ;)

    Yes, sad but there’ll be only 25 episodes. It was confirmed by KBS.
    Here’s the text preview for Ep.24:
    ” ‘How did you know I was here?’
    ‘I could hear you. I kept a night watch in case I’d miss it. Every night.’
    Upon finding out Jan Di’s whereabouts by chance, Ji Hu expects to go visit her with Jun Pyo.
    However, Jun Pyo who has become disabled, once again lets Ji Hu down by declining to go.
    The false expectation that greets Jan Di upon her arrival in the fishing village is that she is the fiancee of a tycoon heir. Jan Di is in a dilemma when it is eventually revealed that the news is false; however, Ji Hu suddenly turns up to settle the situation down.
    Finally, Ji Hu gets the courage to confess the feelings that he had been suppressing to Jan Di. Jun Pyo, who has shown up late, watches this scene with a despondent expression… but suddenly–!”

    If you have questions like that in the future, please refer to the Help section. The link was already posted there.^^

    Me too, I teared up watchng this one. Lee Min Ho’s acting is so convincing! T_T

  21. K Says:

    great site! ima visit here often now ^.^ omg! the bloppers in the end HAHA ji hoo so funny!

  22. omgitsmariland Says:

    ahhhh thankyouthankyouthankyouss for the spoiler text!!

    omg i think the rest of this week will be extremely long cause im soooo anticipating the next episode next week!!


  23. Lori:) Says:

    I have never seen Jun Pyo smile so much and look so happy …Then he so soo sad :( It is so heartbreaking

  24. nana yamachi Says:

    ….omg.no…WHY!!!! poor JP….this si the first time i’ve cried in this drama..TT^TT. omg i can’t believe that old hag would do such cruel things…

  25. kojjhs Says:

    OOMMGG!!!!!!!! 0.o wow.

    completly speechless…

  26. buddhaman68 Says:

    so sad!!! i cant wait until next week. and he’s supposed to lose his memory…i guess not too long…it’s about to end…what am i going to do with bbf? huhuhu

  27. mek Says:

    you know i feel bad for JP but this is kind of what he did to JD in macau, right. i feel so bad for jp and jd…i cried….omg…i know it’s going to get better…but i think i know who the guy in a coma is and i believe he’ll the be the an essential part of the ending…i dont want this drama to end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. minminn Says:

    omg!! ga eul and yi jung ALMOST kissed!!>< SOOO close! thanx for the upload and subs!!(: cant wait for the next ones!! almost over!!

  29. ohsharks Says:

    their bloopers are so cuteeee!i cant wait to see the endingso sad

  30. PAt Says:

    so we dont really have much of sweet shots between jandi and jynpoo. T^T

  31. PAt Says:

    sometime I think this korean version focus on jiihoo more than jynpoo. Does anyone agree? lol

  32. KimBum'sCutie Says:

    i want JD and JP to be togetherrrrrr
    OMG!!!! ga eul and yi jung almost kissed!!! D:
    i cant wait for next week!!!!!!!!

  33. Mika Says:

    JanDi and Jihoo! It doesn’t matter how the storyline is supposed to go… JanDi and Jihoo should end up together!!!

  34. gloria Says:

    junpyo broke my heart…..i hope his mom sees wat she has done to him

    T_T i cried soo much

  35. Jane Says:

    Jihoo is so cute…

  36. Jane Says:

    I wish jandi and jihoo end up together in real life just like barbie and Vic of meteor garden taiwan who played the same role as them (sanchai and Lei)… They really look good together!!

  37. Sophia Says:

    PAt, i totally agree the korean verison focus more on Jihoo than on Junpyo. But then Lee Min Ho comes and steals every scene, he’s just so very good and moving!

    Please end with Junpyo and Jandi together…

  38. ami Says:

    this episode is so cool… where can i buy the dvd of this series and the full OST.?

  39. lyptika Says:

    The DVD isn’t out yet, you can order the OST on yesasia.com

  40. 구준표 Says:

    somee of the part doesn’t have subtitles..

    this drama is out every monday && tuesday??not in kbs but in this site??

    what will happen in the end? i watched the japanese one but it’s not that good

  41. 구준표 Says:

    oh yah~!
    you mean the taiwan version of this drama is meteor garden? it was released soooo long ago?!~~

  42. 구준표 Says:

    ermm..now that i know how to make subtitles,it was quite amazing that who ever is doing the subtitles is able to do it,i saw it with my own eyes,it was horrible for me if i were the one doing it,so,thanx for subbing it enjoying it,,heee…

  43. 구준표 Says:

    erm,this is not a qn that i want to ask,but,is this site illegal or …? when i see the comment i see some people saying ‘good in hiding and stuff,what does that mean,,do you mind explaining??

  44. lyptika Says:

    Please don’t spam, you could have write all that in just one comment.
    Answers: All parts have subtitles. The last 2 episodes air next week Mon&Tue, I’ll add them here aswell. The ending is not clear yet, but the PD said that it’ll be different in the manga. And no, this site is not illegal, it’s just that KBS holds all copyrights to this series and wants youtube to remove the videos, so uploaders have to “hide” the files (by giving them other names etc.) in order to keep them save.

  45. reine Says:

    can anybody please tell me what is the meaning of word that the ga eul shows ji yung when during the sunshine?

  46. Minki Says:

    it said EeJung, I love you.

  47. zie Says:

    i’m crying too when watched this episode.. huhuhu… very sad.. especially when jan di leave jun pyo.:(. i’m really waiting to watch episode 23 because in preview it show that JD and JP going to hang out together. but my happy feeling change to sad because of the breakout.. boys over flower is more exciting to watch than hana yori dango n meteor garden.. Hope JD and JP being together at the end likes hana yori dango dramas.both of them looks a very cute couple.. thanx for the upload n subtitle.. :)

  48. reine Says:

    thanks soo much Minki. =P

  49. reine Says:

    i watched meteor garden and hana yori dango previously too. even though the story lines are similar but i find the guys in BOYS OVER FLOWERS are more good lookings than the other two. so i hope the ending will be better than the other two.

  50. atx12 Says:


  51. Minho Says:

    Hehe… I want JanDi & JunPyo FOREVER!!!!!!
    Thank you Lyptika for this amazing site!

  52. korean Says:

    After I Watch Ep23 And I Crying…
    so … this story is very sad…
    not same to book.

  53. Tina Says:

    like the rest of you i’m still crying my eyes out can’t believe Jan Di left and broke Jun Pyo’s heart. I hope the ending is as good as the rest of the episodes can’t hardly wait ’til monday.

  54. putri bangkok/Malaysia Says:

    Go jandi!go Jun Pyo!aja aja fighting!!!!!!!(just finished crying huwargh huwargh!!!!!!)

  55. Trancy Says:

    it truly is an AWESOME SHOW!!

  56. SAMI Says:

    I get a feeling there is going to be a season TWO! Because the drama is almost toward the end but many of the problems haven’t been solved yet.

  57. SAMI Says:

    I hate that evil mother!

  58. Lori:) Says:

    Thanks for posting all the pictures on the sides of the page..It looks great :)

  59. jai Says:

    does anyone know if there’s going to be a season 2 yet nd if so when?

  60. korea Says:

    SoEul.. dnt knw wich one was hurtng more at d momnt, d guy suddenly sunken with regrets.. or d girl hu witnesses it knwng it was for som1 els *_*

  61. korea Says:

    d writers seem to portray JP as such a naive and gullible person–how cud he not figure out wat was hapening, either hes stupid or he dosnt knw JD and his mom dat well after ol dis tym (still, stupid)

    tenks for d spoiler!!! Super-JiHoo once again saves d day..

  62. Sophia Says:

    Just want to say a big thank you to lyptika for all your hard work with this site. Its fantasic and its on my favourites list!

    I can’t believe how quickly you upload the episodes, its my lifeline every monday tuesday evenings!!!!

  63. jb Says:

    Gee, I can’t wait for the next episode! When will it be available?

  64. han yae jin ♥ Kim Bum Says:

    NO!!!!!!!!!! :'[

  65. sakura Says:

    why jandi leave junpyo!!! :((

  66. mel Says:

    Hi :) thank you for uploading BOF. BTW, would like to check with you on the part where Jihoo and Jandi were at the bridge and Jandi was talking to herself, there weren’t any sub. on her speech. Was it miss out or something wrong with my computer?

  67. 구준표 Says:

    i’m not spamming,it’s just that whenever i look at this site,so many things are going throught my mind..


  68. 구준표 Says:

    anyway,,thi comment cnnt be edited,,

  69. rachel Says:

    you cant expect joonpyo to know whats happening. come on… he was always naive and thought about himself. do you think he’s all matured now? its sweet how he changed a lot for jandi. i think he went through a lot.
    jihoo in the other hand, he was a nice guy all along. so obviously you guys arent saying anything -_-

    if joonpyo makes you mad, lee minho’s acting is convincing.

  70. sayure Says:

    i want to see episode 24. pls pls

  71. Lori:) Says:

    How long to it usually take for the shows to come out on dvd? I am buying it the first day I can :) Will it be sold at yesasia.com too? Please let us know when it becomes available;) Thanks for everything! <3

  72. Chaeyeon Says:

    luv the pics on the side

  73. lyptika Says:

    Ep.24 didn’t air yet.

    It depends. If you mean the DVD with english subtitles, it may take more than a year. YA Entertainment usually deals with english subbed Korean Dramas, check their site for updates. =)

  74. omgitsmariland Says:

    when are the preveiws for the next episodes usually posted?

    really anticipating the preveiw for episodes 24 and 25…

    aaaand.. and THANKS A MILLION for all of your hard work that you’ve put into this site, lyptika! THANKS! X]

  75. kim-kho Says:

    soeul ^_^
    happy end
    but it Looks like a Taiwan Version
    the end will be disappointed!

  76. Winter Snow Says:

    What is the song title for time 08.40. Thank alotz.

    Hope yi jung and ga eul will have a happy ending too.

  77. ji hoon Says:

    hey, when will episode 24 be out?

  78. lyptika Says:

    @Winter Snow
    8:10 of which part?

    @ji hoon
    Check “TV Ratings” or “Watch” or “Introduction”…

  79. Winter Snow Says:

    Hmmm… the part where gaeul and yijung at the rooftop looking at the sign that said i love you yijung(ep 23 part 1 @ around 7.25) Thanks lyptika.
    Excited over tonight ep. :)

  80. lsdjlksadjlf Says:

    can u fuckin move the pics off the side its fuckin covering the video

  81. lyptika Says:

    @Winter Snow
    It’s a new song… Sorry, I don’t know the title. I hope they’ll include it in the next OST (if there’ll be one).

    “This site is best viewed at a screen resolution of 1280×1024 or higher.” Got it? I guess not.

  82. Winter Snow Says:

    It’s okay :) Thank you for your fast respond.

  83. dorothy2 Says:

    hi lyptika, the download (ipod version) for ep 23 files indicated ep 22 instead of 23 in for both filefactoy & megaupload? by chance you uploaded the wrong file ? thks

  84. leezel Says:

    i love boy’s over flower’s hahahahaha…………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¨!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. atiqah Says:

    i like this story because they so cute and happening..i really happy when i watch this story..

  86. Eileen Zhou Says:

    @Winter Snow
    The song is called “The Heart Cannot Be Hidden”

  87. Abirami Says:

    I like u so much………………………..kim bum……..

  88. Anonymous Says:

    hey wats up ive being watching your movie in the whole night ……so i just want to let you guys known that im inlove wit h the guy name jun… something im dreaming that i wish i could see you later when im graduate from high school….love u…

  89. Minakshi Sahoo Says:

    please can someone tell me the song played in the last part when Geum Jan Di leaves in the bus??

  90. odun Says:

    am trying to download this episode but i cnt seem to find the link to download

  91. Roshini Says:

    Fabulous. ….. no words to express those boys character. ……..

  92. Shazia Says:

    hi what song plays on minute 55 episode 23??? when 2 members of f4 are talking in a restaurant or cafe.

  93. Faith Tommy Says:

    wish for a continuation

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