Episode 18


Note: Turn on the captions to watch with subs.


69 Responses to “Episode 18”

  1. gemma clarke Says:

    The prev. epiosde that i watch there’s a sub on top of it
    it says that jp ‘s secretary is jp biological father. I’m confused can anybody refresh me what is that mean.?I think that’s the last part of episode 16. Just curious. Please somebody explain..

  2. lupe Says:

    tanx for the fast priview cant wait till monday and tusday

  3. KimBum'sCutie Says:

    i cant waitt to see this episode!!

  4. mrs.chou Says:

    i can’t wait i can’t wait!!!

  5. iu_uppa_nhut Says:

    I really want to know what they said :(

    tks you :d

  6. oh gosh Says:

    love it!

  7. yulha Says:

    heyy whatsup thx for this and also join my fanclub
    of boys before flowers!!

  8. kimbumluvr Says:

    i wish i knew wat this was talking about..

  9. Janeena Says:

    poor jandi in hospital, i hope she’s better soon otherwise, there won’t be an 18th episode with her in it.

  10. Janeena Says:

    i mean 19th, since 18th is already finished. I guess they’re only airing this once a week now to stall the audience. I won’t be surprise if they cut it down to 30 mins per week.

  11. lyptika Says:

    Actually they didn’t finish to film Ep.18, that’s why they had to air this Special Episode (which was filmed & edited only in 2 days).

  12. 조혜진 Says:

    이거완전재밋음 강추!!!!

  13. annlee Says:

    Actualli nothing could stated how gateful i am to you tat i could jus b able to c such an awesome drama thank for the hardwork.


  14. gast Says:

    It is realy bad the sirios is today anding

  15. oh em gee Says:

    omg. waht?
    joonpyo’s biological father?
    this is getting too mixed up.

    but intense. i lovee it.

  16. oh em gee Says:

    epi 17<3

  17. ♥ Jun Pyo & Jandi Forever!♥ Says:

    I cant wait! P.S Jun pyo and Jan di forever!!!!

  18. papokachi Says:

    omg…biological father…he’s always silently take care of GJP…I guessed he plays an important role, but…GJP’s biological father it’s so surprised.

  19. JJ Says:

    wait a minute,
    i don’t know anything about the secretary being the father..
    when was that?
    which part of 16?

  20. leeminholuvr Says:

    cant wait to watch this episode
    i wish joonpyo will go together with jandi

  21. le paradis Says:

    moi aussi, je pense que junpyo et jandi est un beau couple.
    Mais tous les deux sont un peu stupids, haizz.
    when will they hold together?

  22. kristine Says:

    can put eng sub on ep 18 preview

  23. Vivien. :)) Says:

    Hi i just want to say THANK YOU. supper! :D
    can i just ask something where do got that video?haha.
    i am just curious about it. ü

  24. eura Says:

    can anyone explain about omg…biological father scene to me………………..I did’nt even noticed which episode was it?
    i am very eager to know………………………….
    please helpppppppppppppppp!!!!!!!!!

  25. sarahh Says:

    when is ep 18 comin out cause 17 just came out?!
    is it some time next week!
    so excited :)

  26. Linda Says:

    check the tv ratings… -_-

  27. Ellie Says:

    i couldn’t watch ep 17 but, i can do because of this site
    so, i’ll let you know the preview story shortly.
    1. jae kyung knew about jandi & jun pyo’s relationship so,
    she lied to jandi.. >.<
    2. jandi’s parents will go to her uncle (other city) but, jandi
    and her brother will left that house because of school
    and.. let’s wait until next monday~^^*

    i love this drama.

  28. dogulita Says:

    I got a question…next week will ep 18 and 19 be out…or only 18??

  29. Anonymous Says:

    ey wher is the nxt episode?im xcited to watch that,pls load that.

  30. Linda Says:

    omg check tv ratings lol

  31. kimbumluvr Says:

    but i bet the date is to go see yi jung’s first love…

  32. Jihoo Says:

    Oh yes! I wonder what episode I missed about that biological father of GJP.? Can someone please explain please!!! Lyptika please!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. ASİ Says:


  34. ASİ Says:


  35. lyptika Says:

    Some crazy fan just made up that story about the biological father of Jun Pyo. Don’t worry.

  36. Jihoo Says:

    Thanks Lyptika! hehehe what a crazy fan…

  37. Sae Says:

    Thank you so MUCH!
    I’ll wait for the subs ^_^

  38. 다솔임ㅋㅋ Says:

    와~ 꽃남 PREVIEW 맞음?ㅋㅋ

  39. carey Says:

    did you hear about sunny?
    she committed suicide.

  40. katie Says:

    what happen to part 6 of ep 18?

  41. kristine Says:

    where’s part 6?

  42. sydney Says:

    the episodes wont download

  43. lyptika Says:

    Part 6 was not subbed yet, but it’s up now.

  44. Chaeyeon Says:

    hey pple i know this does not have to do with this preview but LEE MIN HO AND KIM BUM SMOKE. this is serious. when i found out i almost passed out and i cried for a while. if u dont belive me then search it on google. u no wat just go on these websites http://sookyeong.wordpress.com/2009/03/02/lee-min-ho-made-smoking-cigarette-a-hot-thing/


    and these websites ask u if they look sexy if they smoke. I cant belive them. our fav celebrities are smokin and all they can think about is how they look. so here.

  45. minminn Says:

    why does kim bum have to be so mean to ga eul!!!?? they are soooooooooooo good with each other!! errg.. the first love AGAIN!!><

  46. _ra. Says:

    okay, i have way too many things to say about this episode. Firstly, i hate that JaeKyung bish. Why can’t she face the fact that they just weren’t meant to be. Come’on, Jandi&JunPyo sounds way better than JaeKyung&Junpyo. But on the other hand, i want Jandi and JiHoo together. gahh, im getting mixed feelings right now! Secondly, yess! more woobin. it wasn’t really fair that he only got like 2-4 lines in each episode, at least this episode he had more. Now, we can see the true woobin and his sexy acting. Thirdly, how hot is Jihoo? Lol, he made me “ahhh!” this whole episode. Even when he was sleeping the library! OMO! that was freakin’ sexy right there. Fourthly, Junpyo was so “cute” when he was screaming over a tiny bug. good thing Jandi came to the rescue. Fifthly, KIM BUM! :@ Why on earth did you say that to GaEul?! ahh, i hope they make-up and kiss-up next episode. screw that SooJin person :) Sixly, everythings adding up one by one. First, JiHoo’s grandpa talks about her being a lotus flower, then that man, and now JiHoo? wow, i can’t wait. okay, last thing. why did Sunny commit suicide ?! she was just begining her acting career! i feel sad, along with the rest of the cast. I pray that there will be no more accidents happening to Boys Before Flowers Cast. So, i guess that’s all i have to say. Sorry for writing soo MUCH, but i just needed to express my true feelings. BBF FIGHTING! ajaaja :)

  47. sarangsapsah Says:

    Oh my! Kim Bum’s ham D:
    MONKEY is soo pissing me off >:[
    Ji Hoo soo cute sleepping 8D

  48. Lee Says:

    i wannna see jd being the personal maid for jp <3
    JP <3 JD

  49. juju Says:

    who is sunny? what role she play in BFF??

  50. nalu Says:

    i cant see subtitiles(
    can anyone tell me how to?pleease)

  51. Jeannie Says:

    AHHHHHH. the monkey ( JaeKyung ) is kinda pretty tho :)
    but JANDI and GUJUNPYO forever! :D

  52. apanong Says:

    I cannot see Eng sub, somebody help me, plz

  53. ngocphuongaus Says:

    episode 18 part 1 does not work

  54. lyptika Says:

    @apanong & nalu
    You should turn on the captions first. Click on the “up” arrow in the right hand bottom corner.

  55. VALERIE Says:

    you can watch episode 18 with eng sub @

  56. Shannon Says:

    About the smoking, I don’t care if they smoke or not.. It seems like people do make a big deal if celebrities do something.. Even for Twilight, “Oh NO! Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart smokes, drinks, smokes pot and parties!!” So what? I would be surprised if they don’t do things like on with the stress they are under.

    I am not saying it’s healthy but hell, I smoke cigarettes.. No it’s not cool and it is unhealthy and wish I could quit.. It’s their lives, they should live it the way they want to without people trying to take pictures of it and making it a big deal..

    It is really sad what Jae Kyung goes through, she just won’t accept that he doesn’t want to be with her. But hey! don’t you see how she asks him if he would choose friendship or love in the 19 preview? I wonder who she is referring to.

    I did hear in the newspaper that they go as far as a wedding scene for Jae Kyung and Jun Pyo but we will find out what happens. I believe it is suppose to be in episode 20.. I didn’t think it was a spoiler since it was in the newspaper and all, and people who have seen the Japanese version or read the Manga pretty much know the entire story. It is just pretty neat how the Koreans switch up the story a little.. Anyway just wanted to share my humble opinion, hope no one took offense.! New episode tonight!! And if you want to watch it with the subtitles wait until TONIGHT to watch it, not today. Give Lyptika some times to get the subtitles put on there..

  57. miga Says:

    part 1 is unavailable due to copy right??????

  58. Sae Says:

    Damn, KBS has deleted the first video..
    when or where can I see the first part subbed in english?

  59. bigbang4evur Says:

    is there a version with no subs? because the subs are really annoying for me.

  60. hachi Says:

    thankkkk so much,this’s so coolllllllllllll, love Guem Jan Di

  61. Shannon Says:

    bigbang4evur, turn off the caption on the bottom right corner of the screen..

  62. carley Says:

    oh. i guess some of you guys didn’t know.
    이민호 smokes a lot.
    i didn’t expect 김범 but at the same time i’ve never thought of that.

  63. Linda Says:

    oh I can’t wait I want to see next term

  64. 2135 Says:

    =)) peace out >>girls are like math problems, in the beggining, i wonder how to solve it, after i study and follow through, there’s a solution. It’s simple, but it’s still wonder
    ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ according 2 kim bum he he he..!

  65. jaemin14 Says:

    why! my gosh!
    why can’t i watch this?!
    please help me.
    ther’s only blank window.

  66. MawaddahAshikin Says:

    can i ask you something??what song was played during part 1 during jun pyo in swimming pool…

  67. Joshep Says:

    Plesase, what’s his name the song in the minute 13:40, episode 18, please, if you know name, ask me! Please :)

  68. sopha Says:

    Hello? Can anyone please answer my question in episode 9? please?

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