Episode 24


Thanks arashi for subbing!

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64 Responses to “Episode 24”

  1. kimbum Says:

    thanks lyptika!

  2. smilyface88 Says:

    I wish this is translated in English, please translate. Thank you for sharing!

  3. 구준표 Says:

    is it going to really end at episode 25??i cant imagine what is going to happend in the end?and what is happening to goo jun pyo?i think goo jun pyo lost his memory

  4. lyptika Says:

    Not that he lost his memory, he lost ONLY his memory about Jan Di. ^^
    “Targeted memory erasure is a fictional non-surgical procedure. Its purpose is the focused erasure of memories, particularly unwanted and painful memories, and it is a mild form of brain damage comparable to a “night of heavy drinking.” […] Recent research has shown it is possible to successfully erase selective memories in lab mice. Such a procedure may lead to cures of post-traumatic stress.”
    source: wikipedia

  5. Shannon Says:

    So his mom had doctors erase his memory when he got in the car accident? Wow.. if she did go that far, that is ridiculous..

    At the hospital scene, when the mom shows up, Jun Pyo’s sister basically confronts the mom. I couldn’t hear because the sound was real low in the beginning. She says, “Do you even know what makes your son happy? What he likes to do? What he wanted to do?” “Wasn’t dad enough? No “What is really more important to you Shinhwa or Jun Pyo?”

    Jandi’s family is moved back to their old house because of the dad working hard on the boat.

    The guys and Jandi try to figure out an even that was traumatic and may have had a huge impact so they replay it in attempt to get his memory back.

    He doesn’t recognize her, calls her crazy and walks away.

    The guys believe it wasn’t enough to get his memory back.

    Towards the end, Jihoo tells Jandi sorry, she said she is the one who is sorry. He says he was really mad and Jandi tells him she didn’t stop him because Jun Pyo would hurt, but because Jihoo will regret it after he hits him.

    She asks how long he’s been waiting outside, why his hands are so cold and rubs his hands.

    He tells her she doesn’t have to pretend to be so strong.
    She said she is not pretending, because of Jihoo, because he is there, she is strong.

    I hope this helps, I may not be completely correct but until subs come, be patient!! :)

  6. _ra. Says:

    Dramatic much :

    – JiHoo comes to the rescue !
    – GaEul leaves Kim Bum ?!
    – JunPyo sees JanDi and JiHoo hugging!
    – JunPyo finds out that the guy that JanDi was helping is his father !
    – JunPyo gets hurt because he saves JiHoo from getting hit by the stupid car !

    ~OMO! i want to watch this so badd now.

  7. grace Says:

    ahhhhhh there’s no english sub.!!!
    now i want to watch episode 24 and 25 soooo baddd

  8. Lori:) Says:

    So is JanDi the only person that he does not know? He seems to know the rest of the f4 guys….does anyone know?

  9. kimbumluvr Says:

    wait.. so yi jung and ga eul dont end up together!!?? :(
    awww i wanted them together.. so weird… every1 else is talking about goo jun pyo, jan di, and ji hoo.. sorry~~

  10. _ra. Says:


    don’t worry you’re not alone. && i also wish they end up together. i guess we’ll have to wait along with other SoEul fans. But i think they will … well in my dreams :)

    FIGHTING! ** Please don’t disappoint us fans.

  11. mikeul Says:

    yah me too.. i want ga eul and yi jung to end up together.. but i think they are going that way.. haha!!:))

  12. Jia Says:

    Ga Eul and Yi Jeong will definitely have a happy ending =) No worries ^_^

  13. Tina Says:

    i won’t be able to sleep cann’t wait for last episodes.But what about Ga Eul was she just giving Yi Jeong a lesson about true love? Or he didn’t really liked her and whatever happend to Jun Pyo’s finace she just vanished what’s going to happen to Ji Hoo is he going to end up alone and broken hearted? so many questions whose got the answers.

  14. Shannon (Cuppycake) Says:

    I didn’t think that Ga Eul and Yi Jung would end up together, but you never know they might surprise us! I think Jae Kyung left because she was heartbroken.

    Tina, you will get your answers when you watch the episodes on Monday and Tuesday! It’s fun to guess for now.

  15. ami Says:

    wahhh… i’m so excited for episodes 24 and 25… i can’t wait…
    the story is getting more exciting.
    i want ga eul and yi jung to end up together… and also jun pyo and jan di…

  16. omgitsmariland Says:

    uhm im kinda confused here…

    if junpyo’s driving in his car and about to run over jihoo… how does he get hit? and where does jandi come in?

    or am i wrong about some parts? X0

  17. _ra. Says:


    aha, i thought the same thing. but i think the person who was driving was that guy from the market. i’m not sure though.

    ** omg, this is totally making me crazy. i know it’s coming tomorrow but i can’t sleep with everything in my mind :S

  18. :) Says:

    this is just a thought..but this is what i think is happening.
    i think that junpyo was jealous of jihoo/jandi and so he hired a hitman to hurt jihoo but then at the last second he had a change in heart and got in the way of the car accident. haha im just guessing. hmmmm.. o_o

  19. Oz Says:

    thank you thank you lyptika for all sharing!!!

    I just burnt to tears when watching JH holding JP “My friend is going to die”,
    my God what’s gonna be???

  20. yana Says:

    omgee.my eyes are teary.

  21. Shannon (Cuppycake) Says:

    Wow… very sad.. sad episode.. how will this be resolved!?

  22. Shannon (Cuppycake) Says:

    OMG.. the preview for ep 25 they show at the end of the 24 is messed up. I am so SO mad right now!!!!!

  23. mutiara Says:

    yayayay, cant wait XD
    i dont get the last bit in the summary tho..
    “I stopped him because I thought that you might hurt emotionally.” .. ? lol.

  24. Minho Says:

    hi there, just checking, will there be subtitles up for this episode or are you too ill?

  25. kemdau Says:

    oh my god.i hate the new character so much,especially in the episode 25 preview.

  26. Chaeyeon Says:

    Minho: there are usually subtitles usually around 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm so it is okay

  27. Minho Says:

    thank you! i see them, you guys are amazing!

  28. silver90 Says:

    The crazy driver who hit Goo Jun Pyo is the same crazy guy from the market place. Shinwa Group probably caused him to go bankrupt and he mistook Ji Hoo as Jun Pyo. I don’t think Jun Pyo hired him as a hitman.

    It would be really sick if Jun Pyo’s mother arranged for that memory loss. Reminds me of winter sonata where the mother did that to her son and even changed his name.

    Jun Pyo will probably remember Jan Di because of the necklace and other memories that he will start to remember when he spends time with other girl.

  29. Chaeyeon Says:

    I HATE that STUPID Freakin idiot that lied about being the missing memory. Oh please Jun Pyo it is Jandi not that girl that I want to murder! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I wouldn’t want to murder her but still!

  30. _ra. Says:

    omg, thank you so much Lyptika and Arashi !

    you made my day even BETTER :)

  31. jamout xoxo Says:

    OMG i really hate that tiny annoying little girl. she’s SO annoying. i really wanna know what happens in tomorrow’s episode! I want junpyo to remember jandi again! UGH i want that new girl to just go away.

  32. arey Says:

    quite sad, that ga eul and yi jeong din end up together….

    what happen to that jang yu mi?? argh… Jun pyo ah, when he gonna remember Jandi…. *.*

    thanks for subbing…

  33. Sophia Says:

    Thanks for subbing and posting so quickly!

    That preview for tomoro’s episode has p1ssed me off so much ahhhh!!! He’s going to america with that annoying preppy girl…..WTF!!!
    If Jandi and Jypoo don’t end up together….i totally gonna have a metdown!! Seriously! lol

  34. sahee Says:

    OMG @ episode 25. If JunPyo loses his memories about JanDi forever, I’m going to freak. Is BOF really going to end at episode 25? It’s seems a little unlikely, unless it’s going to be an extra long episode. Oh God.. I can’t wait until tomorrow. Damn YuMi just had to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Damn. Poor JanDi.. and not to mention JiHoo. Sigh. </3 Anyway, thank you for the upload!

  35. Sad firefighter Says:

    My heart aches.. for Ji Hoo.. He is really poor guy.. I can feel his lonely heart.. Why they have to put this character so pathetic? Please find someone to cheer him up (besides his grandpa).. And please not her first love.. I dont like selfish woman! Huu I even prefer him dead than losing JanDi.. But then again, Jandi is always Jun Pyo’s…

  36. lala Says:

    i think his gonna get his memory back in the cable car. and that girls just acting like shes the girl to remember

  37. OMG Says:


  38. rethasapi Says:

    i dunno why part 5 & 6 are not working for me,, they just stop loading at 4.28 & 4.52 :((

    maybe becoz i hate Yu Mi badly,,, hehehe

    JunPyo, you’d better come out w/ SUPER SWEET Proposal next ep,,, unless I’ll ask JanDi to give you another spin kick X]

  39. tina Says:

    hey people, this almost the same as hana yori dango,

    dumplings over flowers. if you watch it its basically the same.

    and kkotboda namja has all these dumb details, when hana yori dango just gets to the point, try watching that one.

    but i still like this one. hana yori dango is better though.

  40. K Says:

    omg! I love this episode soo much!! I feel for Ji hoo especially when he was sad, angry and worried.. he was soo good here! Plus, jun pyo’s mom =[ and jan di I really feel bad for her! but I know true love prevails ;P

    that new girl, I really indifferent towards her but I hate how she kinda likes jun pyo.. still, when Ji hoo ignored her on that hand shake HAHA!! I was like, IN YOUR FACE!! she’s trying to hard pfft!

  41. Anonymous Says:

    i hate that gurl!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Anonymous Says:

    i hate that hospital gurl!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. L.AnnE Says:

    i luv jihoo he’s so cute. How can it end 2morrow. i hate that girl with the crutches shes trying to steal jun pyo

  44. ami Says:

    whoa! this episode is so good, i love it!… eve if jun pyo has a partial amnesia…
    i can’t stop myself to cry especially when jun pyo’s mom came in the hospital…
    i love ji hoo very much, he’s so cool even it hurts inside, beCAUSE of what happens…
    this version is the same as hana yori dango in japan… but this is more cute and matured… love it!!!

  45. Vicky_Mel Says:

    OMG, waiting till tomorrow for watching ep 25. How it gonna end….ah…so curious. Pls let’s JP get back memories about JD. The part when YM and JP announce the study abroad…..how they can solve that situation for JD and JP. Poor JD!!!

    Thank u all for subbing and uploading this.

  46. mikeul Says:

    nice one jihoo!!:))

  47. Shannon (Cuppycake) Says:

    I think the fact that it has more details and drama added to it makes it more popular. Hana Yori Dango was good but Japan is even going to air the Korean version because they said the actors fit the characters perfectly. Anyway, I just thought I would share :)

  48. sharon bleh! Says:

    ohh lala..ko.re ah heheh

  49. sharon bleh! Says:

    oh!!!!i now get it~!!!
    the crazy dude is just crazy..and he was just jealous in a way and didnt wasnt to die miserably alone so he chose jihoo to die with him…if you watch ep 24s 2nd vid it is shown ther!!!heheh

  50. sharon bleh! Says:

    uh!!!i hate those kinds of girls…ew!!!ow and i misunderstood..the guy had a grudge on shinhwa..and wen he heard the womens say jihoo was shinhwas son..uhmmhe tried t kill himm..and plus..he was crazy!!!heheh

  51. nana yamachi Says:

    WHY….DOUSHITE!!!!!…and i thought that girl was nice too…how dare she say that she’s the one he’s suppose to remember???!!!! NO. god what is with these girls chasing him away from JD. and the mom needs a new brain cause clearly her’s is broken or sumthin.!!!! this better be a good ending or i’m going to SCREAM!!!!!! TT^TT

  52. aneri Says:

    how i wish Jan Di will accept Ji Hoo! ( but that also means the story will be different from Hana Yori Dango :P )

  53. dorothy2 Says:

    wats the title of the song at the ending of ep 24 ?

  54. tina Says:

    that girl isnt going to get jun pyo =p

    he’ll realize soon, bcuz its true love

  55. KimBum'sCutie Says:

    only one more episode left!!!!

  56. sayure Says:

    this drama is really cool. i love J&J kkk :)

  57. weiyng Says:



    the vids dont work anymore T_T

  58. Anonymous Says:

    oh man, taken off?

  59. han yae jin ♥ Says:

    aw.. Dx
    *puppy eyes*
    why is it not working? :(

  60. kimi Says:

    always not working……………………… foullllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  61. ♥ kim bum! Says:

    wew, love it!

  62. Hany Queen Sera Sera Says:

    i love movie boys over flower….

  63. Princess Says:


  64. princess Says:

    pliz send me all episodes of boys over flowers luv this

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