Episode 19


Note: Turn on the captions to watch with subs.

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71 Responses to “Episode 19”

  1. le Says:

    thanks. i like that F3 was there, but i want to know who was at the door. i hope it was JP.

  2. Linda Says:

    she’s gonna be a maid?!? -.-

  3. eura Says:

    thank u for a million times for the preview

  4. Shannon Says:

    Can you guys believe Jang Ja yeon, Sunny from BOF committed suicide? That’s so sad.. :(

  5. Staci Says:

    Dont get your hope up Le…it’s not JP at the door…it’s his EVIL mother…

  6. Linda Says:

    shannon, elaborate! is that forreall??

  7. lyptika Says:

    That’s the story oft the manga… A very sweet part of it. ^^

  8. Jeannie Says:

    who is Jang Ja Yeon? he/she really committed suicide in real life? O.o

  9. jordan Says:

    This is like the japanese one were she becomes his personal maid.. and the parents moving away……. cant wait for more episodes…. =3

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Jang Ja Yeon is one of the Ginger Gang, “Sunny” is her name in the show.

  11. kimbumluvr Says:

    OMG!!! It makes me sooooo erritated that yi jung and ga eul might not be together!! I really wish he would think about ga eul and not his first love!!!!! errg…

  12. Yuffie Says:

    I think the drama cast ppl need prayers
    they been through so much these days… =(

  13. Chaeyeon Says:

    hey pple i know this does not have to do with this preview but LEE MIN HO AND KIM BUM SMOKE. this is serious. when i found out i almost passed out and i cried for a while. if u dont belive me then search it on google. u no wat just go on these websites http://sookyeong.wordpress.com/2009/03/02/lee-min-ho-made-smoking-cigarette-a-hot-thing/


    and these websites ask u if they look sexy if they smoke. I cant belive them. our fav celebrities are smokin and all they can think about is how they look. so here.

  14. Jeannie Says:

    god. i totally agree. they have to rest. the cast members. i wouldnt want anything bad to happen again. gosh. *prays*

  15. eneria143 Says:

    one of the 3 “nasty girls” that bullying jandi committed suicide….so sad…>>>>Jang Ja yeon…

  16. Dancer Says:

    it’s so sad. Head injuries, car crashes and now death…. really this series is so good but so many tragedies…

  17. Lee Says:

    cant wait for today! lolz <3 <3 jandi fighting!

  18. MissKaNia Says:

    Ooh just let Junpyo and Jaekyung together and then let Jandi and Jihoo together as well

  19. elise0605 Says:

    thanks very much.
    You are really excellent.

  20. Minho Me Says:

    Hey. When will the english subs be out for this? Will there be english subs! Omg! This drama is so addictive, id rather watch it than sleep!!

  21. dorothy2 Says:

    vids removed due to copyrights ?? hmm they are coming hard on this drama arent they ?? Now what ??? Will we get to watch….

  22. :P Says:

    It’s funny how they only do that after they make sure we’re hooked enough on it. (Like hell they would do such a thing if it weren’t such a hit as it’s now). But thank you, lyptika, for at least trying to share the videos with us.

  23. VALXD Says:

    WAH, I can’t believe your account got suspended :[

  24. lyptika Says:

    Well, that was expected ;)
    I’m uploading the HQ files to my backup acc. right now. ^^

  25. fan Says:

    What’s your youtube acct name?

  26. K4Ice4Thu Says:

    ACK!!! I was just going back to rewatch a few parts to fill some holes in a summary I was writing and found your account was suspended O_o
    At least you have a backup acct ^^v

    hope you post it again soon! B/c for the next 2 weeks I’m gonna be watching it from your account (while waiting for cb to download) instead of live streaming as I normally do b/c I’m stuck doing jury duty >.<

  27. dorothy2 Says:

    are u serious lyptika.. your account got suspended too ? ohh noo then where are we gonna get our feeds.. ?? :(

  28. dorothy2 Says:

    thank goodness you have a backup.. are they able to suspend those too ?? btw.. why are they suspending all the BBF vids accounts ?

  29. shin Says:

    ooohh.. i was editing the subs on viikii and viiikii isnt working right now.. i was worried.. and i found out your account on youtube was suspended.. im sorry about that.
    but i THANK YOU much for all you efforts and saving the day.. ^.~

  30. dorothy2 Says:

    why is youtube being sooo mean !!! suspending all those accounts related to BBF.. urrggghhh

  31. apanong Says:

    oh lyptika, I’m your huge fan.

  32. kikito Says:

    Thank you, lyptika ..You are the best

  33. minminn Says:

    ahh!! i wish i knew what they were saying…

  34. lala(: Says:

    why is it F3? i thought it was F4???

  35. kprocks89 Says:

    ahh! i heart gujunpyo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. kristine Says:

    how come part 6 of ep 19 doesn’t work
    can u please repair it?

  37. Odelia Says:

    uhm, the rating for ep 19 is put as 3rd. was wondering who’s 2nd and first?

  38. ohio Says:

    what happened between 4 and 5?
    when jun pyo asking jandi question about truth game?
    IT just skipped…:(

  39. Anonymous Says:

    Hi, does anyone know the song playing in part 1? Thanks!

  40. ^_^ Says:

    Does anyone know the song in background in part 1 when they are shopping? Thank you!

  41. Anonymous Says:

    Sorry posted twice… =/

  42. nana yamachi Says:

    there’s something missing when they go from five to six O.O. the part where they’re playing the truth game. and please sub ><, i’d DIE to know what they’re saying TT^TT

  43. sarangsapsah Says:

    Ahh thats cute how jun pyo took so many ramyun! :]
    Why the hell do Jan di have stalkers? stupid jun pyo mother!
    o_o how did they get good pics..
    Gang San is soo adorable!

  44. KimBum'sCutie Says:

    i hope ga eul and ji yung end up together!!!
    but i gotta admit
    his first love is actually really pretty(:

  45. they'reallmine Says:

    um…A LOT of korean guys smoke. majority
    of men in korean society seems to smoke.
    especially in the older generation. it’s nothing
    new…and i would suspect that most korean
    celeb guys smoke anyway. i guess it’s a huge
    turn off to some people. but i still love them
    regardless of their habits<3 HAHAHA.

  46. Bunny Says:

    I am looking forward to the next episode. ^.^*

  47. Sami Says:

    I believe its a personal choice… its none of our business to tell them how they should live their lives.. But if seeing someone smoking its a turn off than its better to not support them at all in their habits..

    Anyhow, thats what I think.

    But thanks for the sub and uploading.. Youtube keep closing your acct but I really appreciate you uploading these video and subbing them too.


  48. Jeannie Says:

    yaa i know that lee min ho smokes. but KIM BUMMIE smokes too? :( i love him. oh god, its such a turnoff.
    why smoke? WHY? i hate it. gosh. cant wait for episode 20. its ending so fast. omg, what am i gonna do without BOF?
    T-T aikssss.

  49. DramaQueen Says:

    um…part of video is cut off. and i mean like, the screen :D

  50. jandi Says:

    She gonna be a maid? REALLY?????
    OH MY GOD~(JinJer Ver)^^

  51. Lee Says:

    lyptika, I heard your account in youtube is suspensed! do you now why?

  52. Jihoo Says:

    why part 5 is not sub?

  53. Person Says:

    umm part 5 isnt subbed

  54. _ra. Says:

    omg, this episode is so sad. First Yi Joung telling his father to hook up with GaEul and hurting her feelings. Then JunPyo’s mother threatening both JanDi and F3. What more could happen. -sigh- after all this hard times, i hope there will be a happy ending. FIGHTING!

  55. hachi Says:

    thank you so muchhhhh,i can’t wait anymore,thic film was cool

  56. hjforever Says:

    Thank you so much for the videos! I can’t wait for the next one. I think I am the only person here that actually want Jandi to be with Ji Hoo. He is so sweet and caring!

  57. sakura Says:

    finally, yi jung changed his hair style to normal.. I like it.. he looks so cute.. =)

  58. Tina Says:

    OMG what am I going to do I am so hooked on BOF, it really sucks but thanks for the new link. Hope to hear from you soon with the new episodes.

  59. ashley Says:

    i think the reason why so many people want jihoo and jandi is because jihoo is so nice. but if you think about it, he helps jandi when shes sad…but at the same time he’s like…liking her.. so they’re always together and joonpyo happens to see that..which makes him think jihoo wants jandi.
    and joonpyo’s the one that changed quite a lot FOR jandi. his character changed a lot. jihoo was always a good guy in the beginning.

    i just wish those people who dont like joonpyo because hes “mean” understand that hes not being mean cuz he IS. hes just afraid he’ll lose his love.. he never gotten love from his mom OR dad.. so he must have been lonely.

  60. Anonymous Says:

    Bjo moi co tap 20 day.hjx

  61. Sami Says:

    ashley – I feel bad for joonpyo because he has to juggle between love and family. But everything will work out for the best.

    I’m very hopeful that Jandi and Joonpyo will end up together because Jandi still loves Joonpyo alot and Jihoo knows that too.

    Can’t wait for the next ep. :D

  62. Sae Says:

    where is the scene on the preview where jandi become a maid? O_O. I have seen this episode but I don’t remember any scene like that.

  63. Jenny Says:

    omg. frickin ep 20 need to hurry up and come out!! geez i can’t wait any longer. i wanna see more of kim bum!! XDD and how the seoulmates are gonna be and how everything will turn out. AH!!! i cannot wait!

  64. Yuffie Says:

    thanks uploading!!

  65. yunjaeju.. Says:


  66. Miii Says:

    Hyun Joongs tears were so sad but so cute <3
    i love this show so much~

  67. curse Says:

    amf why is episode 19 no longer available??!!

  68. rahma Says:

    hey…………….cmua pnggmr BBF !Ku g sbr ne pngn nyaksiin Ep BBF neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  69. hcbvg Says:

    sana napili ng battle c kim bum and kim so eun!

  70. muswa Says:

    hey im in india …guys im not able to watch this videos here….can plz suggest me …how to watch these shows with english subs…plzzzzzzzzzzzzz i really missss

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