Episode 15


Note: Turn on the captions to watch with subs.


33 Responses to “Episode 15”

  1. luckyk87 Says:

    thanks a lot for the preview T__T

  2. Chaeyeon Says:

    Wait does that girl that looks like jandi like gu joon pyo. because if she does I hate her. She isnt even pretty. I think she is pathetic.

  3. JENNIFER123 Says:

    I HATE GUEM JANDI!!!!!!!!AAAAAH!!!!!!!!

  4. Chaeyeon Says:

    WHy do u hate her.

  5. lyptika Says:

    JENNIFER123, don’t post in Caps, please.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for the preview!

  7. sarahh Says:

    can u please put up subss pleasee!

  8. lyptika Says:

    It’s subbed, sarahh. You’ve probabrly turned off the captions.
    Click the “up arrow” button on the bottom right of the video player. Then click the captions/subtitles menu button.

  9. angelaBeBe93 Says:

    Oooo i cant wait to see ep 15
    Urgh i hate to fact that one girl like hime
    Jandi is the best for him..
    This shows keeps gettin better and better

  10. SwtCakes Says:

    will there be an ep.16 preview too?

  11. kimbumluvr Says:

    omg!! i cant wait for this ep!!!

  12. JENNIFER123 Says:

    What episode, kimbumluvr???

  13. lyptika Says:

    @ SwtCakes
    These long previews are not the official ones (the official ones are about one minute long), so we shouldn’t expect one – but we all hope! :D

  14. michelle Says:

    omg . i love gjp and jandi . they are so cute together but have lik a crap load of people tryin to break them up but i mean tats y they call it a drama ^^ thnx for the subs

  15. mrs.chou Says:

    cannot wait.. literally… i’m waiting for monday… waiting for monday… waiting for monday…

  16. Jenny Le Says:

    meh!! That girl looks so evil -the girl with short hair like Jandi. Meh!! I guess she will loves Joon Pyo!!! I hate her!

  17. Jeera Says:

    I find myself checking for updates on the new episodes. I am patiently waiting…

  18. anaoyen Says:

    i want to see the full ep 15 & 16…. please :(

  19. hyacnth Says:

    thnx 4 d preview…..your very nice…………..cant wait to see ep 15 and 16…………thnk you………

  20. hyacnth Says:

    i really want to see ga eul and yi jung end up together………i really really hope so..

  21. MissKaNia Says:

    i think jandi-jihu are better than jandi-junpyo
    jihu is sweet and calm and he doesn’t have annoying mother

  22. sharon Says:

    O.M.G!!no way dude….junpyo needs jandi.. and jandi wants junpyo…and..and..yea.. and the other girl hus supposed to engage with junpyo i thnk??is soooo not supposed to like junpyo..aw man.. i hope..he doesnt fall for her..heheh oh and! i kinda find jandis friend and lee jong more interesting..in a way..

  23. lyptika Says:

    WordPress is having some problems, so I can’t edit the page. -.-
    Anyway, watch the series here:

  24. Jeannie Says:

    no subs also the link that u gave us. we want subs. or else cant understand. thanks alot! :D

  25. eUn Says:

    omggg wad’s the song that ji hoo sang at macuo? it’s from ss501? wad’s the song’s title? nice! and the song jan di sang is nice too. ANYBODY NOE?!?! omgg this episode is so sadddd. T.T

  26. eUn Says:

    ops *macau haha!

  27. koreanbof Says:

    the song that jihoo sang in macau is a song that this group he’s in sings. but its a lot faster than what he sang. its 내 머리가 나빠서 by SS501

  28. Katy Says:

    Thank so much for subbing it,it really means a lot!
    Thank you again XD

  29. sakura Says:

    it was so clear! I love to watch this story here.. thanks for uploading.. =)

  30. eUn Says:

    ohhh. thankew koreanbof!!! :]
    i’m so gonna find that song! hahaha.

  31. eUn Says:

    >.< oh no that’s not the song i’m talking about. that song is ‘because i’m stupid’. the one i’m asking is the one he sang using his guitar unplugged. someone enlighten me pls! O.O

  32. Saadah Says:

    is the youtube account suspended? i cant watch!

  33. Jeflyn Says:

    Hey guys!why are u guys getting angry over JANDI.she was ment for JUNPOY NOT JIHU.maybe u guys didnt understand the movie.the whole purpose for this movie is about the 2 love birds.anyway im a big fan of JANDI no matter what.i think u guys are fooling urselves for hateing JANDI.:*

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