xVid, h264, mkv – What’s the difference?

Video File size Frame size Snapshot
700 MB
640 * 352
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800 MB
800 * 450
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1450 MB
1080 * 750
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200 MB
320 * 240
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Note: Only the xVid version can be played on a standard DVD player.


Why doesn’t the video play on my computer?

Most videos played on computers need certain “codecs” in order to play. The more popular codecs are: ffdshow, divx, xvid, mkv, ogg/ogm, real (alternative), quicktime (alternative), etc. But do NOT try to install them ALL. Some codecs do not work well with other codecs. Some will need to be uninstalled before you can install the next one, etc. You may need to do some reading to determine compatibility. If you do not want to bother with figuring out compatibility and issues, I recommend a “codec pack”. Codec packs are just a bunch of codecs packaged into one folder. It will only take one installation: Combined Community Codec Pack (CCCP)


How to join the files?

Since some of the videos have been split into parts (.001 .002 .003 …) and many people are wondering how to join them into an .avi video. The answer is a program called HJSplit.

(HJSplit only works on Windows. If you have another operating system, take a look here.)

First, you have to download HJSplit. (Download)
HJSplit doesn’t need to be installed. You can run it directly by opening the zip file and clicking on “hjsplit.exe”. Before you start, remember that all the parts have to be in the same folder, and they have to have the same name or else it won’t work.


How to play the subtitles (.srt) along with the video?

After downloading both, the subtitle and the video file, ensure that both files are in the same folder are named exactry the same –  except for the extensions.

  • Boys.Before.Flowers.E16.720p.HDTV.x264.mkv

Now play the video file and the subs should display.
If they don’t, download and install this: VobSub and try once again.


How do I turn on the captions/subtitles on YouTube?

Turn them on and off:

  1. Click the “up arrow” button on the bottom right of the video player.
  2. Click the captions/subtitles menu button. This button will only be clickable if there are captions/subtitles for this video.

Change the language:

  1. Click the “up arrow” button on the bottom right of the video player.
  2. Click the “left arrow” next to the captions/subtitles menu button. This button will only be clickable if there are captions/subtitles for this video. You can also try Auto-Translate of captions, if captions/subtitles are not available in the preferred language.
  3. Select the language that you’d like to see subtitles in. Subtitles are only available in the languages shown. Video uploaders choose the languages for their videos’ captions/subtitles.


125 Responses to “Help”

  1. Fenny Says:

    Hello Iyptika..
    i just wanna ask
    i have done the download for ipod format
    the file is saved as MPG4 format. But when i want to open and save the file in iTunes / my iPod it said cannot open the file. Why is it? I really want to watch the movie from my ipod. tks

  2. lyptika Says:

    I’m not sure, cause it works fine for everyone. Are you sure the download was 100% done when you copied the file to your iTunes?

  3. Fenny Says:

    Yes it was. I also re-download just to make sure i’ve done it right. Is the file supposed to be saved on disk or i have to open the downloaded file in iTunes? because when i tried to open it in iTunes, it said cannot open bcoz cannot read the format @@

  4. tulight Says:

    how do i watch the video on my ipod with subtitle?

  5. lyptika Says:

    Try to update your Quicktime version.

    As far as I know iPods cannot detect softsubs, the only possibility to watch it with subs, is to embed the subs into the video file (hardsub).

  6. tulight Says:

    Thanks Lyptika, really appreciate it… ^_^

  7. papokachi Says:

    I can’t watch the video on media player with subtitles although installed soft VobSub2.23 ? (ep 1)

  8. channak Says:

    Can you help I can watch the videos on my PC Ive download Moohan (h264) but somereason I watch them on my XBOX can you advise if there anyway or how I can do this I keep getting error 80-C00DF242 can you help

  9. ashley Says:

    Hi… i was wondering
    if you download the xVid version and want to convert it.. should it come out with the same quality in the mp4 version?
    cuz i wanted to put episode 17 on my ipod

  10. ashley Says:

    another thing i was wondering was..
    about how long after the airing does it take for the ipod downloads to go up on the site?
    its not working well for me.. so i was just going to wait

  11. papokachi Says:

    ” Lyptika,
    I can’t watch the video on media player with subtitles although installed soft VobSub2.23 ? (ep 1) ” <<<~~~ I knew why already. :D

    I hope you’ll make others movie…: “The world they live in” , I love Song Hye Kyo very much. ^^

    Best wishes for you, Lyptika !!

  12. amy Says:

    hi lyptika, can you please let me know how to hardsub the subtitles as i was not able to get your reply earlier. i already had the file but how to embed the subtitles in mpeg4 format, i have no idea how. please help me. i was able to watch it in my ipod touch without subtitles.

  13. papokachi Says:

    hic, one more problem about subtitles.
    I load subtitles on, but when i watch the movie next time, I have loaded subtitles on again. So how to save subtitles ?

  14. amy Says:

    FYI this is for personal use only, thank you again for your help.

  15. lyptika Says:

    Xbox doesn’t support h264 encoded avi files (only updated Xbox 360).

    If you want to convert the xVid version file to a mp4 file, I’d recommend Total Video Converter. Technically it’s possible to convert the file without any quality loss, but the file’s size would be about 1GB then. That’s why I always reduce the screen resolution & bitrate.
    Btw, the Ep.17 links are up. I convert & upload them myself when I have time, no precise schedule here. ^^

    I’d recommend you to hardsub the avi file first (using Virtual Dub Mod, Tutorial here: ) and convert it then to an mp4. As said above, I’d recommend TVC here as well.

    I don’t really get what you mean. You can’t save the subtitle file to your hard disc, is it that? When you download them, make sure to right click the link and choose “save as…”, not just “open”.

  16. ashley Says:

    okay :)
    thank you so much!!!
    i will try it
    when you do that it just switches to the correct screen size (320X240) rite?
    cuz i tried this other thing and the screen size was off…

  17. lyptika Says:

    Yes, the standard size for iPod videos is 320×240 pixel.

  18. papokachi Says:

    I have successfully download and saved the subtitle and then view the movie with the subtitle. But when I want to see the movie at another time, that the subtitle disappear, and I must re-operation by: “File / Load subtitles” and then “File / Save subtitles”

    I see the movie with the Media Player Classic.

  19. Chaeyeon Says:

    hey i hear that the girl named sunny died in real life you know the girl from girls over flowers and she is with that weird group.

  20. lyptika Says:

    Try to save the subtitles file into another folder or just leave them on your desktop. I don’t know of any reason (besides a coputer virus) for files disappearing just like that.

    Yes, that’s right. RIP Sunny…
    This post hs nothing to do with the Help section though.

  21. channak Says:

    Hi Lyptika

    Thanks for getting back to me – I have an updated xbox 360 which I bought 3 years ago these files arent working is there any way I could make them work as I seem to get this error code 80-C00DF242 on all my BOF video files dl

  22. lyptika Says:

    Sorry, channak, but I can’t think of a reason for this. I have a Xbox 360 myself and all files are working fine :S

  23. Zilah Says:

    Hi Lyptika,

    juz wondering, how to download the OST, as I tried but unable to do so. Page shows “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage”. Same goes for all the soundtracks.

    Help please.


  24. papokachi Says:

    @Zilah: i can share you another website to download the soundtrack, but the OST. Just click to open single song, and download…–Full-Album-.html?q=Boys+Over+Flowers+OST+(Full+Album)&Input=T%C3%ACm&t=4 <<<~~~ Because I’m stupid

  25. papokachi Says:


    why are there two subtitles with the same content at the same time??? two lines are overlapped each other. How to cut one off ?

  26. lyptika Says:

    Right click on the green arrow in your taskbar and choose “hide subtitles”.

    Which file hosting service are you trying to download from?

  27. papokachi Says:

    It took me 15 minutes. :(
    How about change the language of subtitle. can i do that ? Show me how when you have free time.
    I asked you so many questions…i feel sorry for…

  28. Zilah Says:


    Thanks. I’ll try that out.


    i tried clicking on each of the links. but the rapidfire link is like dun hve. when i download from megaupload, most of the soundtracks end at 4:00.

    thanks for all the help!

  29. Zilah Says:

    sorry i mean rapidshare

  30. lyptika Says:

    Well, that’s weird. Sorry I have no solution for that, didn’t ever occur to me. =/

  31. ally Says:

    lyptika~ if your time avails, can you upload the f4 special in the ipod format?? THANKS!! =)

  32. dorothy2 Says:

    hi lyptika ~ juz wanna say thanks for all your hardwork on BBF esp this site ! I know this isnt the right site to ask but do you happen to know where can I get the ipod/mp4 version for “Goong” aka Princess Hours like what you did for BBF ? TQ !

  33. lyptika Says:

    Put it on my “to-do” list =)

    No idea about that.

  34. bashiia Says:

    hello there~
    i just wanna ask if you know when the BBF OST. 2 will be released. I’ve already checked the Soundtrack section for the previews, but if you have any idea when, please let me know. thanks for all the maintainance in this site!^^

  35. lyptika Says:

    Don’t know, it depends on the production company. =)
    I’ll post it as soon as it’s out, so far I’ve got only the song list.

  36. bashiia Says:

    thank you so muchh!!!!
    the music is beautiful, better than the first season =]

  37. ally Says:

    Is it okay to download the soundtrack and alt. soundtracks?

  38. minjae Says:

    This site is great.
    Quick question- when do you usual upload the ipod version of the episodes? Thanks for your work!

  39. Angela Says:

    Hi, I was wondering what is CF? I went to download section and it had CF1 & stuff like that. I just wanted to know before downloading it.

  40. lyptika Says:

    Of course =)

    I have not a schedule for that, but not later than 2 days after the broadcast.

    CF is an acronym for Commercial Film.

  41. JC Says:

    Hi, I wanted to ask, how come I don’t seem to be able to download the misc. music tracks?

  42. lyptika Says:

    It’d be helpful if you describe your problem.
    Any error messages?
    What happens when you click on one of the links?

  43. JC Says:

    for the rapidshare links, everytime after i wait to d/l, it’ll always say, error: the d/l session has expired.. i tried for a number of tracks in rapidshare.. and for the Because I’m stupid (acapella) on giga, they say the file has been deleted.

  44. lyptika Says:

    Possible reasons:
    The download takes to long to be saved. Or your internet connection is too slow to download the complete file within the session time.
    It might be thet for this download, in the background your Internet Service Provider has assigned a new IP address. If you are for example an AOL customer, or use a similar Service Provider, please try to use a different browser.
    When you get the expired error message, click on “Please click here to start download again”. Repeat until you get the download window to start. The nuber of attempts could be anywhere from 1 to 20. If u don’t get it by the twentieth time, close the RS window and wait for a while, say a minute or two, and then return to RS and retry.

  45. Brigritte Says:

    hi lyptika,

    I was wondering how do I watch it on my ipod with subs?
    which subs should i download?

    P.S:Thanks for all your hard work.

  46. lyptika Says:

    Read comments above.

  47. bear Says:

    hi i was wondering if when you have time if you could put up the F4 special in ipod format
    thank you!

  48. lyptika Says:

    Updated. Check out the iPod section. ^^

  49. bear Says:

    thank you so much!!

  50. Jane Says:

    Hi Lyptika,

    How do you use the torrent files…? I’m such a noob at this :(

  51. lyptika Says:

    You need to install a torrent client first (I’d recommend µTorrent, it’s free and safe). Then download the .torrent file and open it with the installed client. The downloading should start then (actually not right away, wait for 1-2 mins first while it’s connection to the server).

  52. Jane Says:

    Thank you so much!
    Ugh, the downloading is so SLOW!
    Haha. Thanks though!!

  53. verona Says:

    hi…lyptika Ijust want to ask what the meaning with captions and how to turn on it

  54. lyptika Says:

    These are softsubs on youtube. Click on the up arrow in the right bottom corner of the player and turn them on/off.

    It depends on the bandwidth/number of seeds and peers/firewall etc.
    For me torrent is always on fullspeed.^^

  55. korea Says:

    wats hapening huhu.. i keep trying to DL Kim Hyun Joong’s “Because Im Stupid” the unripped one.. but then evrytym i do, d downlaod ends quickly and d fyl says “0 bytes” so it wont play also in windows.. i really dnt knw wat 2do anymor.. if by any chance uv uploaded it somwer els asyd frm rapidshare pls send me links im really desper8 for dis song *_*

  56. Zilah Says:

    hey lyptika,

    juz wondering.. when’s ep 20-22 subtitles for x264 gonna be up?


  57. bashiia Says:

    hi there. i was just wondering if it’s confirmed that
    there will be 25 episodes. Do you, by any chance, know?

  58. Yan2 Says:

    Hi lyptika,

    Sorry to bother you, but just a quick question… are u gonna upload Ep23 on an ipod version? Thank u for your time…

  59. lyptika Says:

    Actually it was updated 2 days ago, wordpress seems to have some problem with backup -_-
    PS: Links re-posted.

    Yes, KBS confirmed that.

    Links posted.

  60. Anonymous Says:

    i dont know how to load the subtitles…pls help me…

  61. anjelae Says:

    how comw that the subtitles doesn’t appear??
    i’ve been following the instructions but still it doesn’t show up..
    i’m using media player classic in watching the videos…pls help..
    tnx a lot in advance!!

  62. verona Says:

    hi lyptika i want to say thank u for last time and i want to ask can i downloadn soundtrack BOF to my cellphone

  63. lyptika Says:

    How to load them where? On you PC, youtube…?

    If you use MPC, you can load the subs manually.
    File -> Load Subtitle -> Choose subtitle file and click open. =)

    Depends on your cellphone…
    Check first if mp3 format is supported. If yes, just copy it on your memory card. (I’d recommend you to read the manual.)

  64. anjelae Says:

    i’ve tried it also but it always says that i have to change the video renderer type eventhough i’ve already changed it..:(

  65. lyptika Says:

    Change it to another video rederer and re-open the video. If it still doesn’t work, try the next renderer and so on… One of them MUST work.
    Don’t forget to restart MPC each time, otherwise the changes won’t be effective.

    These are my settings:

  66. alikim Says:

    Thank you for all the iPOD links. I’ve been uploading them to my iPOD and now I can watch them anywhere.

    I was just wondering what program did you use to convert your .avi files to mp3 (I think that’s for iPOD)?

    There are other dramas I want to upload to my iPOD.
    Thank you so much.

  67. lyptika Says:

    I use Total Video Converter to convert avi2mp4, but only the trial version is available for free. A registration code is required to enable all functions of this program.

  68. verona Says:

    i waiting for ur help please thank u lyptika

  69. lyptika Says:

    I’ve already answered to your question. Scroll up…

  70. anjelae Says:

    i’ve been doing what you have told me yet it still doesn’t work..when i try to load the subs it still says that i have to change my video renderer…i have been trying also downloading again the MPC that hae and set the settings similar to you but its still the same…:(

  71. lyptika Says:

    That’s weird… This is the first time this option isn’t working.
    Well then…
    If VobSub & MPC didn’t work for you, the only way left is VSFilter. It works exactly like Vob Sub:

  72. anjelae Says:

    after all the trial and errors it’s ok now..i think it’s because i didn’t download the CCCp you had provided above…hehe
    but thanks anyway for the last option you have given..
    i’m just waiting to finish downloading all the videos..
    thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)i can now enjoy watching again BOF…hehe
    another question..
    is it possible that I can put all the videos in CD’s with the subs already???

  73. lyptika Says:

    So that was it… I assumed you installed the codec pack already ^^
    Yes, just make sure to name the subs the same as the video file before burning. If you want to play the CD’s on any DVD Player, better do download the Ental (xVid) version, cause most of the Players can’t read h264/x264.

  74. anjelae Says:

    wow! thanks!!
    i have downloaded the Ental(xVid) version because i’ve read in your post that its the one that plays on most players..
    so other than naming the subs the same with the video file, i don’t have to do anything??i just need to include the file of the subs with the video file when burning it????
    thank you very much for the help!:)

  75. anjelae Says:

    uhmm another question…
    what do seeds mean in torrents??hehe..i’m new at these..
    i’ve already finished downloading ep1 but i can’t transfer it to another folder…in the status of the download it says that its seeding..but 100% of the video is already downloaded..what should i do??^^

  76. lyptika Says:

    Seeds are people who have completely downloaded this file and keep it active so others can download. (So you are seeding as well, and others download the file from you, that’s why you can’t move it to another folder.)
    You should first remove it from your client. Right click on the file’s name in the torrent client and choose “remove” – not “remove and delete file”! ^^
    Transfering the file to another folder should work then.

  77. anjelae Says:

    oh that’s it!
    thanks alot!!!!!!!

  78. verona Says:

    do u have website another korean drama like Iljimae(staring lee jun ki) and my precious you i want to watch it please !!! thanx.

  79. lyptika Says:

    You’re welcome =)

    Nope. This is the only site I made.

  80. meowmeow Says:

    hi lyptika!
    sorry but is it possible if you could upload Kim Hyun Joong – Because I’m Stupid to another host? actually i cant download off rapidshare for the songs too. media fire please?

    thanks so much its been a joy following your wordpress! i cant believe its over!

  81. alikim Says:


    I don’t know how familiar you are with iPOD but I used different program, Jodix to convert my .avi files to .mpeg4 and was able to copy the drama to iTune. However when I try to copy from iTune to my iPOD, it won’t copy. Nothing happens. Do you know why? When I clicked on “Get Info”, it tells me it cannot find the file and when I open the “Get Info”, whole box is grey/ghost so no modification can be made.

    And also, I’m trying your program, Total Video Converter, but there’s 3 choices when converting to iPOD. Which one do you choose? I forgot all the choices but one was: iPOD Mpeg4. Thank you so much.

  82. sweetie Says:

    are you the one who’s going to put the extensions or you’ll just leave it that way?

  83. mikeul Says:

    are you not going to put up for download the subs for the last ep???? pleaseeee!!! THANKS!!!:))

  84. sweetie0998 Says:

    can somebody help me with the subs thing!!~~

  85. sweetie0998 Says:


    …I already downloaded some of the episodes but apparently there are no subs…yes,I did what you’ve instructed but why isn’t still not working.I’m using Xvid… say for instance…

    ..isn’t it like that???what does “ENTAL” mean???.. should I include it though??
    plssss…guys…gotta need your help here!!~~♥♥

  86. nuna Says:


    u gotta make sure the subfile and the vid file are in the same folder when u played the vid,,

    or u can always rename the files if they’re too long,, i used to do that,, i just named the files (for example): BOF-epi03.mp4 and so does the sub file: and they are in the same folder,,

    does it helps,,? ^^

  87. sweetie0998 Says:

    ..really???…okey I’ll try it on…. what do you mean with the same folder…?? mean just that particular episode in one folder or you can share it with the others???…

  88. sweetie0998 Says:

    what does the sub file look like???

  89. sweetie0998 Says:

    ohhh…thank you..nuna!!~~for that…haha… I got it now..finally… thank you..really… you’re such a genius..



  90. nuna Says:

    yes, u can share with other files just as long as the vid file u want to watch got the same name as the sub file,,

    in one folder there could be files like this:


    u had to have the subs file in order to watch the vid with subs,, the subs files are available here,, on “subtitles” post under the “gallery” post on the right side of this page ^^

    the subs file are usually only 30-40 kb,, it’s pretty small ^^

  91. nuna Says:

    aaaakh soory! the posts are in the LEFT side of the page,, ^^

  92. sweetie0998 Says: thing..I’ve noticed…the vid file and the sub file names are no different…is it like this..
    i did it this way:

    bof-ep2.mkv – vid file
    bof-ep2.mkv – sub file

    no difference…
    i thought the sub file is srt??

    but anyways….it worked!!~~

    that doesn’t matter!!!!

  93. nuna Says:

    LOL i was typing the answer when u posted that u got what i meant,, keke..

    you’re so welcome dear,, glad to help,,^^

  94. casey Says:


    Thanks so much for ur site… luv it…loveee it…
    When do u think u can upload the ipod link of ep25?
    also, do u know if there is a way i can download some BOF MV to my ipod? sorry to bother…

    again, thanks a million…

  95. dorothy2 Says:

    hi lyptika, the download (ipod version) for ep 23 files indicated ep 22 instead of 23 in for both filefactoy & megaupload? by chance you uploaded the wrong file ? thks

  96. Simona Says:

    Is there any way i can get this Fanart?

  97. nuna Says:

    hey lyptika!

    i just want to send u my biggest appreciation towards what u have done here,, my God,, u are such an Angel providing all those luscious downloadable files,, i really don’t know what to say but..


  98. huimin Says:


    U R LOVED!!!

  99. lester Says:

    hi lyptika, i already downloaded it on rapidshare.. but when i’m about to open it, my computer can’t detect it, and it need to search file where it can be opened..could you help how will i manange to open it?..tnx

  100. boys over flowers fan Says:

    @Simona –
    Go and visit this fan girl’s space. You can see all the artwork she made.
    http(colon)(double slash)hi(dot)baidu(dot)com(slash)韩花男女(slash)album

    To lyptika
    Are there only 4 tracks in OST2.5? Is that why it’s OST “2.5”?
    Or are there any more songs in the third OST just not posted yet?

  101. anjelae Says:

    what other program can be used to burn the videos with in a cd??
    i tried in nero but it doesn’t accept the .srt file to be included..pls help me!!!

  102. sarang. Says:

    hey lyptika.
    i’m sry if i bother u but i wanted ti download ep2 h264…
    but i couldn’t…
    i just can’t download the file avi.001
    but i can download all the other files…
    man that’s strange..
    i’m very thankful lif u could help me~

  103. Thea Says:

    Hi lyptika! I just want to ask if you know the make and model of the sport cars they use throughout the series. I know that Gu Jun Pyo’s sister’s is a Ferrari. But I want to know the cars that they own (So Yi Jeung’s black and orange, Woo Bin’s black and yellow, Gu Jun Pyo’s black). And also the sedans they have (Gu Jun Pyo’s black and So Yi Jeung’s red/maroon). Thank you! :D

  104. sweetie0998 Says:

    …hey guys!!~~

    I would like to ask…

    is there a subtitle for the SPECIAL EPISODE

    really…we can’t understand..
    though I’m hoping to know korean…


  105. Monica Says:

    I wanna know if you’re gonna put up the dl for the CF with Kim Bum and Kim So Eun… the Bodyguard one, with Boom in it too. Please put it up~~!!

  106. Angela Says:

    Hi lyptika, I wanted to download the videos for my ipod. And i wanted to watch it with subtitles. I read another comment where you said, that they must be embaded into the video with hardsubs or something. So, does that mean that there is no way to watch those videos with subtitles on ipod?

  107. Angela Says:

    Also, I wanted to know about different videos. Where it says xvids, h264, & x264. What are those?

    Thanks for your help in advance :)
    I love this site you have done a wonderful job!

  108. Angela Says:

    And, if ipod one doesn’t work, could you suggest me the best videos to download which I can watch on my laptop? please please please??

    thanks :)

  109. Rachel Says:

    Hey, I just downloaded these two files but it somehow won’t work. The subtitles just won’t work and I already went to With S2’s site and it says specifically that their subs only works with the 700mb version. I don’t know what’s wrong cause I DID download the XVID 700mb version from this site. Can you please help me? Thanks in advance.

    Boys.Over.Flowers.E18.KOR.090309.HDTV.XviD-Ental-[WITH S2].srt

  110. bashiia Says:

    I just saw a preview of the Boys Over Flowers Special Edition that comes out on April 28th. Does anyone know if this will be subbed? I’m so excited and I’m really grateful to the fansubbers!!

  111. Jayce Says:

    hi, I’m an Apple User, if any of you Apple Users out there, can you help me with the video and subtitles thing?

  112. Monica Says:

    Um, I found a Boys Over Flowers after story and I want to know if you’ll be putting up DLs for them….

  113. ayu Says:

    hi! whoooaa this site is rockin’!

    thanks sooo much for putting up those delicious download links!! you’re a doll! :D

    thank you!!! <333

  114. Dale Says:

    Hi lyptika, I am a fan of this site! This Rocks! I had only a Request lyptika can you put the “IPOD Downloads” of “Boys Over Flowers” in “.zip” or “.rar” so the “size become half smaller?” My “Internet connection” is “really really slow”, It takes me “1 day” to complete a “200mb” download, Thats why I really want a .zip or .rar version of IPOD downloads. Thanks a lot lyptika. I’ll be waiting for the .zip of .rar version of IPOD Downloads!

  115. ej Says:

    hi. i just want to ask if you know the song that is played in Episode 22 at around 5:30 (when Ha Jae Kyung objected on the wedding).

    Or if you have that song. thanks a lot! ^_^

  116. OsorezanRevoir Says:

    Hey nuna..
    I see that you can play the ‘srt’ file with ‘mp4’ file..
    can you help me to make the subs appear on mp4 file.
    I have written the file name same with the subs name and also put them in the same folder, but it doesn’t appear..
    hope u still open this Help section.. :(

  117. OsorezanRevoir Says:

    Problem solved..
    It’s because I used the older version of K-Lite Mega Codec Pack, yesterday I downloaded the newer version and the subs appear.. :)

  118. miss_sasa Says:

    I’m your veoh fan, nice to find out you here ^_^ missing you always. waiting for nice korean drama from you.

  119. kiki Says:


    I want to download the episodesh264 on mediafire but it asks me a password! What is it !
    I can’t find it, it says the password below but there is onlt the link of the vid below!
    Please, help me quick and happy new year!

  120. Anonymous Says:

    It’s me again!
    I want to download the episodes in h264 on mediafire but it asks me a password for the .001 and the .009 part of each episode! What is the password please !
    I can’t find it, it says the password below but there is none!
    – Password Protected File –
    Please enter the password below to download this file

    Please, I want to download them!

  121. kiki Says:

    It’s me again!
    I want to download the episodes in h264 on mediafire but it asks me a password for the .001 and the .009 part of each episode! What is the password please !
    I can’t find it, it says the password below but there is none!
    – Password Protected File –
    Please enter the password below to download this file

    Please, I want to download them!

  122. priscilla Says:

    I love Boys Over Flowers!!!really bad!!!I miss them really bad,too!!!if there will be another F4,Boys Over Flowers still good and better to me!!!!I will miss sooo much!!!!

  123. sparkles Says:

    Hello Iyptika,
    I don’t know if this is helpful, but BOF is actually streaming on Hulu! It might be helpful to future fans that can’t download or just don’t want to download. :)

  124. angela milagros Says:

    los F4 son lo máximo el la novela los amo

  125. Efe Says:

    None of the soundtracks for boys over flowers plays or downloads. Why?????

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