Episode 17


Note: Turn on the captions to watch with subs.

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92 Responses to “Episode 17”

  1. mrs.chou Says:

    the dude who played yijung’s older brother looks like kimbum’s brother in real life!!!! OMG both are so cute!

  2. SOMEONE Says:


  3. kimbumluvr Says:

    his brother does look soo alike!!! i wish there was subs..
    and i hope the yi jung’s first love doesnt ruin ga eul&yi jung!!><

  4. So Yeon Says:

    yeah i agree!!!!!
    they’re so cute!

  5. lyptika Says:

    UPDATE: No BOF on Monday, Episode 17 wll air on Tuesday.
    A special Talk Show will replace Monday’s episode.

  6. jojo Says:

    what!is that true that it’ll be air on tuesday? what a bad news!huh =.=

  7. lyptika Says:

    Yes, they had to postpone it cause GHS was in an car accident (she’s okay, but her face is swollen) and they couldn’t film ep.17 till the end. They’ll show an F4 Talk Show Special on Monday though, with NGs and BTS and such =)

  8. Chaeyeon Says:

    I HATE THAT GIRL WHO KISSED GU JUN PYO. SHE IS PATHETIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Crystal Says:

    When is ep 17 coming out ?

  10. lyptika Says:

    Read my comment above.

  11. Jeannie Says:

    why all of them like met with accidents?
    bummie and jandi also. why? O.o

  12. Jeannie Says:

    i mean kim hyun joong, goo hye sun and even kim bum.
    gosh, this is scary :S

  13. kimbum Says:

    when EP 17,18 coming out?

  14. Chaeyeon Says:

    it is coming out on monday which is today

  15. gjh Says:

    lyptika will you upload for us that video which is showing today i mean \Special\

  16. lyptika Says:

    The Special just ended, I’ve uploaded some cuts here:
    As for the Air dates, check the “TV ratings section”

  17. Shannon Says:

    Yeah Lyptika is there any way you can upload the show coming on today??

  18. Shannon Says:

    Oh I didn’t see that. Thank you!! You are the best! :)

  19. JENNIFER123 Says:


  20. mj Says:

    why can’t i open the video?

  21. lyptika Says:

    They may be many reasons for it. Describe your problem?

  22. kimbum Says:

    hey where is EP 17,18?
    today is monday…..?

  23. dfdfdfdfd Says:

    could you upload hq?

  24. lyptika Says:

    I have no time to upload HQ videos, but if some one does, I’ll post the links here.
    You can also download the HQ version here: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=GAQGQCEC

  25. kimbum Says:

    when EP18 is coming out?

  26. gals Says:

    sub please…

  27. lyptika Says:

    Check TV Rating section for air dates.

    The show aired just 2 hours ago, please be patient and don’t ask for subs. I’ll post them as soon as they’re available.

  28. kikito Says:

    Thanks, Lyptika you are the best.
    I really love watching Boys before Flowers.

  29. gals Says:

    thz alot.. :)

  30. Shannon Says:

    Ugh. I am starting to frustrated with that girl. I hope she returns the necklace.. It could be Jandi and Jihoo right? :P

  31. Thu Anh Says:

    I wish I could be a Korean… Will have 1 real love in real life like this? Although I was 23 years old then, but I also though the Vietnamese, and the lifestyle just so Korean, emotions of Asia in general show that gently deep serious, life make people lost their beautiful soul. See movies like this, I feel sad for real life more than characters.
    But Anyway, should not be pessimistic. right ?

  32. Anonymous Says:

    the second part doesn’t have sound

  33. Weee Says:

    where can we get the download for episode 17 .srt subs?

  34. Linda Says:

    There’s a lot of songs in this episode. Anybody happen to know what’s the title of them? :] TIA! <3

  35. Chaeyeon Says:

    boy do I hate that girl that is with gu jun pyo or should i say his fiance

  36. hello Says:


  37. minminn Says:

    SUBS would be awesome..
    but no rush!!
    thanx for the upload though..

  38. alice Says:

    umm… i cant see the full screen :(

  39. SAFIOH Says:

    so so pretty.

    too bad everyone hates on her cus of her role…but wow.
    prettiest girl ever

  40. Christine Says:

    Omg! I could totally finish that big bowl of ramen! :D

  41. koreanbof Says:

    l0l yeah jaejyung is really pretty but i hate her role and her voice is kinda annoying too.. i kinda feel bad for her cuz everyone hates her and cuz she doesnt know about jandi and jyunpyo’s relationship. but now that she’s found the necklace shes probably gonna try to make jyunpyo fall in love with her even more and try to get him forget about jandi AND make jandi jealous of their relationship or something like that. ^^

  42. yedam Says:

    why isnt 2/6 working?!

  43. anaoyen Says:

    tq for the upload though…..but where part 2 ????

  44. SAMI Says:

    I just wanted to say that column in the middle is a little small and its hard for me to see the whole video is there any way that you can make it bigger?

  45. lyptika Says:

    Part 2 fixed.

    No, that’s not possible. Try to enlarge your screen resolution (or double click on the video and you’ll get back to the source file).

  46. Anonymous Says:

    English sub please!!!

  47. SAMI Says:

    lyptika– I never knew you can double click to track it back to its youtube owner.. Thanks.

  48. SAMI Says:

    lyptika- you work hard to satisfy us..

    Kudos to you…

  49. LaLa_HiHi Says:

    lyptika…it has comes to my attention that some of the previous account of those who hold BOF episode in YT have been suspended…. but luckily i can still view the recent episode here… Big thx m8 ^^

    p/s: anyway plz be careful….

  50. Jan Di Says:

    Thank you Liptika!

  51. Jan Di Says:

    Ops sorry! Lyptika*

  52. Ji hoo Says:

    her face is so swollen. :(

  53. shin Says:

    lyptica, do you know what song is that one playing on 17 pt 1 at 8:00? i really like that song..
    hope you know the title..
    thanks much. ^.~

  54. Tina Says:

    thanks so much for the episodes, i’m so broken hearted there has not been one single episode in which i have not cryed my eyes out.

  55. So Yeon Says:

    Eng Subs? Please fix.

  56. lyptika Says:

    @So Yeon
    Make sure to turn on the captions. If you turned them off, there’s no way the subtitles can appear.

  57. So Yeon Says:

    So when is ep 18 coming out?!!

  58. Shannon Says:

    So Yeon, check the TV rating section. She put a schedule up.

  59. Shannon Says:

    Shin, most of the songs they play in this “drama” is in the soundtrack section. I would just download them all.

  60. Shannon Says:

    Lastly, you guys should be grateful for this website. Lyptika does everything she can to get the videos up as soon as possible and of course the subtitles are going to take longer. It airs in Korea Monday and Tuesday nights so yes we can get during the morning time on Monday and Tuesday but she is probably the only one who gets it uploaded this quick. If you are in a hurry to watch it with subtitles, I would just check the website Monday and Tuesday evenings. And Also she seems to have to answer a question several times. If you read through the comments, a lot of your questions are answered already. Thanks guys just wanted to share my opinion.

  61. shin Says:

    the song i am talkin’ about isnt in the soundtrack section.
    because i already have the other soundtrack..
    im talkin about the new ones…
    thats why im asking lyptica is she knows.. ^.~

  62. Linda Says:

    shin’s right. yeah the new songs aren’t out yet..

  63. Artemis Says:

    Thank you sooo much for your hard work on the resynced subs. It is really appreciated!!!

  64. Kim Bum Says:

    Ga eul… i love her =)

  65. lin♥ Says:

    thankss for the neww partsss=]

  66. gracekylee Says:

    I LUV GOO JUN PYO AND KIM BUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And omg! I feel so sad that ep 18’s not out yet! Argh.

  67. Shannon Says:

    OOH Shin okay I got you! I do like that song too.. I’ll try to find it now… I can speak/understand Korean fluently. :)

  68. Shannon Says:

    ‘애인만들기’ (Making a Lover) OST 2, SS 501

    The other new song I LIKE is

    ‘아쉬운 마음인 걸’ by A’st1

  69. Shannon Says:

    but then there is this link

    So, I am not sure if the title is completely right.. I hope I was able to help you!

  70. Anonymous Says:

    thanks for the sub!

  71. mikesaw Says:

    thank u so muchhhh. couldn’t wait till monday and tuesday. thank uuuu

  72. mikesaw Says:

    did jun pyo know if jandi cannot swim anymore?

  73. Chaeyeon Says:

    yes he knew i an 99 percent sure

  74. lyptika Says:

    He knows the fact that she doesn’t swim anymore, but not the reason for that. As we’ve seen in Ep.16, he tried to ask Jan Di about that, she didn’t want to tell him. He’ll find out soon enough though…

  75. shin Says:

    고마워. ^.~

  76. Lee Says:

    I LOVE ALL 3 VERSION OF HYD X))))) hope there will be another adaption which is in ENGLISH x)))) . Hopefully in Singapore hahahahahs

  77. Jeannie Says:

    the part where Jae Kyung and JunPyo’s date. the song is the bomb. anyone know the english name?

    heres the song link from episode 17!

  78. Ellie Says:

    thank u so much!!

    i love you!! -0-

  79. Anonymous Says:

    where can we watch this besides this site?

  80. lyptika Says:

    Download it and watch it on your PC with better quality.

  81. lolaa Says:

    cool! thnks.

  82. kerfluff_love Says:

    you know that the girl (gumm jan di) had an accident right?
    i just hope she feels better.
    I dont get why they only show these shhows only on mondays and tuesdays.
    but……. i heard that the PD said that they will make more of it… (so its longer)….

  83. lyptika Says:

    There will be 25 episodes, it’s already confirmed.

  84. Anonymous Says:

    uh, how come the vids arent showing up!?!?!

  85. tabi Says:

    I Can’t see this page :(

  86. shaliza Says:

    wow! you sure is unbelievable!

  87. miga Says:

    how come the vid not showing up????????pls reply asap!

  88. genius girl Says:

    i love kim bum

  89. sheena Says:

    the videos are not playing well

  90. Ali Says:

    i want to see all the episodes of this serial….. please someone tell me from where i can download all the episodes with english subtitles ?please help me :(

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