Episode 25


Thanks arashi for subbing!

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223 Responses to “Episode 25”

  1. dorothy2 Says:

    hi.. cant seem to open the preview for ep 25. it says the vid is no longer avail. any idea ?

  2. Ly Says:

    GJP hate you!!! why why with that girl T.T

  3. rethasapi Says:

    dorothy2 just try to refresh page =)

    Gaahhhhhhh i hate that blue cardigan girl already!!!!!
    And WTH … she’s leaning on JP !!!!

    PD successfully gets my feeling twisted uptil the last ep!

  4. smilyface88 Says:

    Please translate/sub. Thank you for sharing.

  5. anymonious Says:

    haha~~!btw,,who is that freaking act cute girl?she is like a depressed woman,,i hate her voice.why on earth is it that jun pyo is with that girl??

  6. anne Says:

    when are u gonna put ep 25 up?

  7. lyptika Says:

    Not before it airs in TV, that’s for sure…
    Click on “Watch” and scroll down.

  8. nina Says:

    ep 25 is not even aired yat
    so is ep 24…

  9. Chaeyeon Says:

    Omg is jun pyo going to get his memory back?

  10. _ra. Says:

    Lyptika, do you know when the 45s preview will come out for both episode 25&26 ?

    ** I can’t believe this drama is almost finished! I don’t know what i’m going to do without it. wahh, this totally sucks. I hope there will be a special or even SECOND SEASON!

  11. Shannon Says:

    _ra. Episode 25 is the last one. There is a 45s preview for episode 24 now.

  12. lyptika Says:

    As Shannon said, ep.25 will be the last one.
    The short preview for ep.25 will probably be shown at the end of ep.24, but since ep.25 will be the last episode they may not show it at all. We’ll know on Monday. =)

  13. _ra. Says:

    really ? -sigh- well, i guess i have to wait for monday. but if you do find one, please send me the link or post it :) Thank you!

  14. Anonymous Says:

    junpyo is gonna get his memory bac with the necklace.
    if you see the japanese version

  15. omgitsmariland Says:

    what’s the name of the yumi girl in this drama?

  16. Diana Says:

    I really don’t like Umi… I know that I’ve only watched a couple of scenes with her, but so far she seems freaking annoying.

  17. aPpLe Says:

    who…who is that girl o_O??
    i don’t know well since I didn’t watch another version of meteor garden..
    thx 4 sharing anyway

  18. Anonymous Says:

    that girl just gave the whole thing away…hahah

  19. Sami Says:

    I bet thats the girl that ran him over!

  20. verona Says:

    who is that girl?i had never see before whatsher name and why joon pyo with her and forget about jandi?

  21. Vicky_Mel Says:

    Can’t wait for the last two episode….!
    Please make it for the happy ending!!!!!!
    Thanks Lyptika for the upload!

  22. JaMeSa Says:

    I hope got part 2 >.<.. addicted to this drama. . .

  23. yunjaeju.... Says:

    i hate jpy!!

  24. mikeul Says:

    i am sooooo looking forward to what will happen with ga eul and yi jung!!!!!! ^_^

  25. monkey!!jop pyo fience! Says:

    i hope joo pyo won’t forget jandi……

  26. yan Says:

    Lyptika, thanks so much for all the episodes with English subtitles. It’s great! I’ve just found out this website from kpculture. It would be grateful if you could upload the X-Files (NGs and Behind the Scenes) with English subtitles. I am especially intrested in X-File Part 8 in which Lee Min Ho, Gu Hye Sun and Jan Di’s little brother had a conversation. It looked sooooooooooo funny. I really wanted to know what they were talking. I couldn’t find any videos of that part with English subtitles.

  27. chalz Says:

    lyptika….i’m in korea now,,,,,,,,episode 25 is the last episode…..???

  28. Shannon Says:

    If you go to TV ratings, it will show that episode 25 is the last episode. I know towards the end, Japanese version showed a wedding scene and all between JD and JP but I don’t know how they are planning to go about this one! :)

  29. koreanmi Says:

    actually im still hoping for a jihoo jandi ending
    i guess it will be jumpyo and jandi afterall
    with jihoo so sweet to jandi
    it’s difficult to remember how junpyo actually fell in love with jandi (and how jandi like junpyo)
    well, i do wish to see yi jung and ga eul together
    and everyone forgot woobin…..
    i think he will be the mafia head

  30. kimbumluvr Says:

    omg!! its almost over!!><

  31. Anonymous Says:

    im not sure about umi,,
    but in the japanese version,
    joon pyo forgets about jandi only,
    and umi pops in and say that shes the one that joonpyo was in love with,
    and joon pyo actually fell for it.
    then, i think in the end of ep 25,
    joon pyo remembers jandi with the necklace…
    i think its different in this one.
    in the taiwanese version,
    umi andjoonpyo marries…

  32. Hong Says:

    is the last episode gonna be 25?

  33. KimBum'sCutie Says:

    what the heck??!?!?!!?
    why does he have to lose his memory at the end?!?!?!
    and he doesnt even remember what JD and him went through to finally be together!!!!!!!

  34. Lori:) Says:

    is anyone else out there going crazy waiting for the nexyt episode ? I am :D

  35. Lori:) Says:

    is anyone else out there going crazy waiting for the next episode ? I am :D

  36. Oz Says:

    JH deserves a happy ending but not with JD ^^.Besides, he should wake JP and umi(do they fall asleep too fast???)

    Is it really the ending of all those things? I think they should make Part 2 or something can’t be understood or something happy and funny is missing,
    my God, what is going on???]
    thanks Lyptika, you are an ANGEL!!!

  37. bluestar Says:

    is it like official that it only has 25 episodes? is there no season 2 or something??


  38. lyptika Says:

    I am for sure! :D I know what’s going to happen, but though. ^^

    Yes, it is. The show will end on Tuesday – and there won’t be any other season.

  39. ashley Says:

    oh…………… this really good i really happy

  40. hi Says:

    i hate GJP he spend time with another girl

  41. mikeul Says:

    is it really final? there won’t be a second season for this?? is it really true??

  42. Anonymous Says:

    that girl looks so out of the place with them. And look at her face, she’s so plain-looking. Damn, GJP get JanDi back!

  43. chigeul Says:

    oh my God, the episode 25 is the final one
    i do hope they make second season
    luv you all f4..muahh

  44. jessica Says:

    omg he has to remember

  45. Jenny -^___^- Says:

    GAAA!! damn yumi! frickin hell! why in the world did she go and claim she made the egg rolls.. damn! umm hello!! ppl who knows how to make something never changes the recipe so much that it is extremely noticeable. idiot. damn ep 25 better be good. i cant believe that in meteor garden yumi and jun pyo [that version] actually get married??!! wtf!!

  46. arey Says:

    argh…. cant wait for ep 25…. hahha…
    kinda sad ep 25 is the last episode…

    Jun Pyo…. kick that stupid girl out of your house!!!!!!!!

  47. minminn Says:

    OMG!! i just finished watching ep 24!! and jun pyo doesnt remember jan di in the end?? WAT!!?? i hate that girl!!! she has no right to tell jan di to not see jun pyo, and LIE!!! UGG!! I HATE HER!! well i hope everything works out in the end for the RIGHT couples (jun pyo and jan di) & (hopefully, yi jung and ga eul)!!<3

  48. _ra. Says:

    yes, 45s preview.

    omfg, that bitch umi! i have no idea what she said but i know shes up to no good. >:(

    SoEul COUPLE! is it really the end?

  49. Kelly Says:

    oMg…. is ep 25 really coming out tomorrow… i am so happy….omg…. is it the last episode omg…omg

    i LOVE IT…

  50. carley Says:

    i wanna no wut happens!!!

  51. Shannon (Cuppycake) Says:

    Lyptika, you should have a countdown clock for when each episode comes on. Everyone goes crazy over waiting.. hehehe

  52. Sami Says:

    Lyptika, thank you!

  53. grace0015 Says:

    hi lyptika…hope that u still remember me..
    thanks for downloading BOF i can’t wait episode 25..
    hope that they have a part 2 because when i watched meteor garden(TAIWAN) they have a part 2..if they have a part 2 please download again with english translation..thanks again lyptika have a nice day…


  54. Lori:) Says:

    I don’t know if I will have enough tears for tomorrow..maybe I will not need any because hopefully ..I will be smiling and cheering when JanDi and Jun Pyo are finally in each other’s arms!!!

  55. manonelize Says:

    I know how this HAS to end, but I’ve never wanted Jan Di and Ji Hoo to end up together so badly! I am actually really upset that this version didn’t deviate from the original…my poor sunbae!

  56. mikecsaw Says:

    r u sure the last epi is 25? because if u compare to japan versiion seems like far away from ending. BTW, thank u very much for english sub…… :)

  57. ummu Says:

    im looking forward to today’s last episode.!!
    MY GOD!!!! i seriously hope that JunPyo will heal and remember JanDi.

  58. Sun Young Says:

    JunPyo will remember JanDi. I’m sure he will!!! He has to!!

  59. JaMeSa Says:

    i hate tat girl. just appear for a day then she . . . . i hate these girls

  60. mikeul Says:

    lyptika, i noticed in the tv ratings.. boys over flowers is always 2nd.. wat series is first? i’m just wondering if u knw…

  61. gjp:9 Says:

    jandi actually give jp the packed lunch food to remind him of the picnic,,but che just left then that idiotic girl co-incidentally came to jp room,,and jp thought it was that girl who is important to him!!ahh~

  62. gjp:9 Says:

    when is the 25 readdy?

  63. gjp:9 Says:

    when is the 25 readdy?
    is it todayy?~

  64. uni Says:

    ummu aiman,is that you?

  65. Vicky_Mel Says:

    I like it better without any other version. It would the best if the Drama is end here….
    I just read from net that someone on production team has said there will be happy ending-> awesome!!!!

  66. sharon bleh! Says:

    ????is the 25 goin to be updated today???pls do it today!!!
    i cnt sleeep…illl wait.

  67. Shannon (Cuppycake) Says:

    Wow perfect ending.. I LOVE IT!!! BEST SHOW EVER!

  68. sharon bleh! Says:

    wat??you got to c it??
    awman… is my computer late or something?haha

  69. Zaiaz Says:

    Thank you Lyptika..I will wait till you upload with subs

  70. korea Says:

    r u going to upload also subbed HQ vids later, like before? if so, how long will it take then? ^_^

  71. Ly Says:

    what a perfect ending *-*
    <3 love this drama
    thx Lyptika

  72. sandy02 Says:

    I just watched the last part.
    i only wanna know the ending.. :D

    btw, what happen with that annoying girl?
    want to watch full of it, but i’ll just wait for the HQ one.. :)

    thx lyptika…

  73. sharon bleh! Says:

    yea..its guuuud..haa..~nw ima gna sleep..~~heheh

  74. korea Says:

    oh… i see d vids r being replaced by HQs one by one ^_^ hope deyll den be replaced by subbed ones any tym soon ^_^

  75. aPpLe Says:

    waa…i still think that it’s too fast to end it now >.<
    at least gimme one more episode.. =p
    the story is running too fast this way.

    anyway thx 4 sharing, lyptika! ^^
    jeongmal kamsahamnida ^o^

  76. Ratori Says:



  77. yeindarrrling Says:

    OMGAH; this is the last episode right !?
    i cant believe it ! i didnt want it to end ):
    cant wait to see the ending ! thanks
    so much for uploading the entire
    drama series !! :D.

  78. korean Says:

    very sad but
    finish happy ending^^

  79. firda Says:

    is there a part missing in part 4?

  80. kmy Says:

    hello!! can you please!!!!!! tell me when are you going to sub the episode cuz i really dont understand korean:D:D: thanks bye!

  81. rethasapi Says:

    Yayyyyyy…. But stilllll,,, no wedding scene???
    Anyways,,,, finale is wrapped up nicely =)

    JP proposed twice,,, wooohooooo

  82. monique Says:

    guess the drama’s ending was made in a hurry.
    good that Goo Joon Pyo and Guem Jan Di ended together.
    still a happy ending….
    thanks Boys Before Flower for the uploading the drama for all the fans.

  83. a;skjdfaoisjef Says:

    theres a season two right?

  84. Chaeyeon Says:

    OMG I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy! I knew Jp would remember his woman!

  85. Chloe Says:

    When will there be english subs for this ep?
    ^O^ thanks .

  86. L.AnnE Says:

    there are no subs yet

  87. jen Says:

    Thank you for the subs :) and all the hard work you’ve done throughout the whole drama.
    I will definitely be coming back to this site often just to rewatch a few episodes.

    Really appreciate the time you all put into subbing and posting the videos.

    Thank you and I’m glad the show is coming to an end. :)

  88. Gloria Says:

    Hey uhm it says that theyre no longer available due to violations..what up?

  89. tamaki Says:

    thanks a lot. gonna miss this series though.

  90. _ra. Says:

    i can’t believe its finally over. i want to “thank you” for all the hard work you’ve spent on subbing this for us. looks like you guys can finally resy! seriously, i give all my gratitude because without you guys i would have to watch the whole drama not knowing what they’re saying or subbing it myself (which is a bad idea). THANK YOU!

    Now, my comments about the drama. This has to be my all time favourite drama. Not only are the characters “HOT” but their acting as well. Credits to the director who made it even BETTER than the previous ones. I’m really going to miss this, i am hoping there will be a second season or at least a special. Though the drama is over, i am so going to re-watch it.

    Okay, back to this episode. all i can say is “BITCH BITCH BITCH BITCH”. i can keep going on and on but i wont. From the previous episode, i think she already knew that there was something between both JunPyo and JanDi but she goes and still does what she wants. YOU DO NOT LOOK LIKE JANDI OKAY ! JANDI IS MORE PRETTIER THAN YOU, MORE FUNNER THAN YOU, MORE GENEROUS THAN YOU, MORE JUNPYO’S TYPE THAN YOU, AND AND MORE THAN YOU! sorry, i just wanted to express how i really feel. i was so happy when she went up to JiHoo Sunbae and said “Nice to meet you” and JiHoo just passes by her like she wasnt even there. BURN BABY BURN! I still feel sad for JiHoo, he chose “friendship over love”. thats painful. You still have us, your FANS! :)

  91. wewuwa Says:

    guys, can you please not leave a comment esp now while the traffick is high..i’m watching the movie now and when the comments got in, an annoying bopping sound can be heard…sorry sorry sorry deeply soory if i am a bit rude… love you guys a lot esp the subbers

  92. burberry Says:

    I’m watching the downloaded episodes now with English subs. I’m eager to know on how BOF would end & looking forward to a happy & glorious ending.

  93. mikeul Says:

    when will it be available for download????

  94. mikeul Says:

    whoops!! okay i already see it.. THANK YOU SOOOOO SOOOO SOOOO MUCH LYPTIKA!! u’r the best!:))

  95. mikeul Says:

    but there is no sub??

  96. _ra. Says:

    Lol, i apologize especially cause i wrote quite a LONG comment :)

  97. minminn Says:

    ahh!! where is the rest?? only 4 parts??

  98. ohsharks Says:

    shyte.that girl is a liar!she didnt make the lunch!argh.so now GJP really thinks its her

  99. Monica Says:

    um, where’s the rest of the episode? Also, are you gonna put up dls for this episode?

  100. Anonymous Says:

    wait !!! Where is Geum Jan Di’s father??

  101. angelaBeBe93 Says:

    Wheres the rest of the ep 25 i need to knw what happens ugh ends to fast urgh i love this show

  102. grace Says:

    is this all? did u forget to upload the last video or something? it just ended with them drinking coffee. i dont think tat’s the end….

  103. aPpLe Says:

    i take back my comment :D
    it’s not too fast after I watched it once again.
    surely, this is the best ending!!

    thank you again 4 sharing ^^

  104. ohsharks Says:

    pat 5 and 6 is in youtube.the same account.(;

  105. Shannon (Cuppycake) Says:

    Yeah they don’t explain much, such as JiHoo’s grandpa dying (?) how JunPyo’s dad got better, what his mom says about him and Jandi being together, etc.. It’s also frustrating that no one even tries to tell JunPyo that Jandi was his girlfriend, and lets him continue to think she is Jihoo’s girlfriend which is frustrating.. And it seems like when they are not able to be together for one reason or another I see much more passion and love for each other than when they do have each other.. You know? Anyway, great episode, hopefully they will do a special episode later on down the road about their wedding, etc.. :)

  106. Lori:) Says:

    Thanks so much for this wonderful site …I have enjoyed watching every episode ..now i will have to watch all over agian until I can buy the dvd!!! Hugs <3<3<3 I Love BOF!!!!

  107. Anonymous Says:


    I WANT MORE ):
    i feel like im missing somethinggg ): :'(

  108. ummu Says:

    Finally, its the end.
    Thanx for doing this website! Kamsahamnida!!!
    Its a lovely drama. Can watch it again! Wee~~~

  109. apanong Says:

    gud bye F4, saranghe

  110. wayo Says:

    Thanks a lot for every thing, i loved BOF from the beggining, thanks for subbing all the episodes and for the time you spent doing these work, it was worth it …

  111. Lee Says:

    watch http://arashi.vox.com/ for part 5 and 6 x)

  112. wahappan Says:

    i hear that theyre going to air a special episode next week :D.


    “And the happy ending also brought the viewers to the propose from Joon Pyo to JanDi, leaving the sweetest moments for viewers who has been quite irritated by the love-and-then-leave-again relationship.

    Also a special episode of the drama will also be aired 1 week from the last 25th episode.”

  113. ami Says:

    GOOD!!!! but the other parts are missing.. only 4 videos..?

  114. pantea Says:

    1 question, where can i download the subtitle of episode 25?

  115. pantea Says:

    pls help me if anyone know where i can find the subtitle of last episode

  116. Shannon Says:

    :[ nothing happens to Ga Eul and Yu Jung :[ i thought they would at least hug or something! >_<;

    sighs. there goes another k drama :|
    i cried so much in part 3. the part near the pool. haha.
    <3333 top 5 BEST KDRAMAS i’ve watched so far!

  117. passerby Says:

    i just wan say tks 4 doing this website up n allow us to c it at the quickest time. i also really appreciate e eng subs as i do nt understand korean but i m a fan of all korea drama. this is e last episode already,rite?

  118. dani Says:

    omg, just finished watching the ending! there needs to be a special..like answers to how dad came back..cause they only show clips of him beginning to get better. also, what happened with the witch and JD?! did they resolve their issues or what?

    kinda disappointed that ending didnt even have yi jung and ga eul kiss/hug or anything! when he said he would come back for her after 4 yrs ..she should have done something like that to him. it would have been cute :3

    woobin was soo outta the pic. feel kinda bad that his character gets less charac. develop then ga eul! even thou hes one of the F4!
    and what happened to ji hoo’s grandpa? did he pass away? :(

    so many loose ends so i hope there’s a special!

  119. Sami Says:

    I can’t believe its over!!!


  120. Lillie Says:

    omgosh i cried heaps just before she went into the pool.

    i dont want it to finish

    Boys Over Flowers <3333

  121. anne Says:

    is this really the end??? ITS WAY TOO SHORT! is there like any more videos to epi 25??

  122. yunjaeju!! Says:

    i so happy coz joo pyo say to jandi like this-
    wii u marry me!!

  123. Bsl Says:

    Yeah! me tooo, cant’ wait special episode ^^ ~ This ending is missing something…

  124. gjp:9 Says:

    ah!! the part is less by one part i think?you mean the ending is that jp buy a cup of coffee for jd?????that will be the most ridiculous ending in a drama!!AHAHA~~!

  125. Vicky_Mel Says:

    Just click on the video u guys can see the complete part in Youtube. There are 6 parts of ep5. The last scene will be the proposal of….@ the beach. :)

  126. Vicky_Mel Says:

    Sry, 6 part in ep 25. :P

  127. hikaruchan Says:

    im will miss this drama..!huhuhuh.
    better watch it again

  128. Lee Says:

    I cant download ep 25 (ipod)!

  129. jordan Says:

    WOW!! BOF
    finished!….. do any of u guys think they might have a season 2 ???………. i’ll miss this drama :(

  130. KT Says:

    Thx so much for your hard translation.
    I think I’ll watch it again so soon.
    I addicted to Ji Hoo, but I also happy of the ending like this.
    Although I was wondering that the end of this Version might different from the original one, it’s fine.

    Thanks a million for your hardwork.

  131. kemdau Says:

    i heard that it will have part 2 in next year.Is it right or just b/c today is April Fools’ day?

  132. stefi Says:

    what is special episode?

  133. ay Says:

    i’ll miz diz drama…..

    who wan share their feeling bout diz drama…

    u all can add me at sktjhc@yahooo.com (myspace, friendster, blogger, tagged, ym)

    to: lyptika tq very much

  134. i'm Says:

    when the subs gonaa out :'( i caaaaaaaaaaaaaant waaait

  135. Sophia Says:

    Great series, absolutely loved it…gosh i’m so sad that its ended – i felt a sense of loss whislt watching yesterday!
    On reflection i feel overall satisfied with the ending – although, having watched a few idol drama’s now, i’m used to them draagggging out the ending until your like “End it already”….however, this felt too quick – in the last four epsiodes JP was engaged, almost married, ran away with JD, kept prisoner by his crazy mum, broke up horribly with JD, went on a bender & rampage (sort of), got arrested, bailed out by his sister, discovered his dad was actually alive and in a coma, refused to go find JD, then went and saw her close with JH, almost died, then got amnesia! And that was just one character! …..Jeez, i’ve watched whole drama’s with half the amount of stuff happening!

    Anyway, will miss now its over – Big thank you to Lyptika, your site was brillant – i bet you won’t miss everyone hounding you for the clips every second!

  136. carley Says:

    ahhhh! thank you soooo much!
    this was great! i am sad that this is over, but yeah!
    I wanted to see their wedding and what will happen to ga Eul and Ee Jung but oh well!
    thanks Lyptika!!!

  137. sunnyloves Says:



    I would appreciate it very much!!

  138. sunnyloves Says:

    OOPS sorry his name is KOM the MALTESE with curly hair!! THANK YOU!!!!!!

  139. grace Says:

    i can’t believe this is the end! they should totally have more episodes or a second season! lol

  140. i'm Says:

    plzzz anny one help me
    im staying her all the day n waiting for the sub
    can any1 tell me if it will come now or tomorrow ?!! cozz i need 2 sleep btt i couldnt iwaaant to see the final ep :'(

  141. Anonymous Says:

    omg i can’t believe bof is over.
    im really disappointed at the ending. or not really but kind of,. if you think about..it was so freakin random. like jun pyo losing his memory ONLY about jandi and how that random girl all of a sudden popped into the series and only stayed for like one episode. and it was stupid how the f4 boys didnt like tell jun pyo about jandi when he lost his memory. also, i thought it was dumb how yi jung and junpyo both went away for like years and when they came back like ga eul didnt even seem that surprised they should have at least hugged or kissed or shown more. and when jun pyo asked jandi to marry him it didnt even show her saying yes or even show the wedding. so it left a lot of questions unaswered. even with jihoo’s grandfather dying. sighh. the earlier episodes were SO much better. oh well i still love this drama

  142. Fatima Says:

    hey… first of all i can’t believe its the end of BBF… just wondering if there will be a Movie/special for that drama the same thing they had 4 Hana yori dango????

  143. omgitsmariland Says:


    so many hangovers. even at the end!! X0

    but watevs i ♥♥♥♥♥ this drama ever since the beginning!

    i wanna see kim hyun joong in more dramas. X]

  144. Anonymous Says:

    I agree with u – [ i dont know ur name ].

  145. wahapan Says:

    i hear that theyre going to air a special episode next week :D, unless its supposed to be an april fools joke -.-

    (all the way at the bottom)

    “And the happy ending also brought the viewers to the propose from Joon Pyo to JanDi, leaving the sweetest moments for viewers who has been quite irritated by the love-and-then-leave-again relationship.

    Also a special episode of the drama will also be aired 1 week from the last 25th episode.”

  146. mikeul Says:

    yah, i am also waiting for the subs fpr ep 25.. when would u put it up lyptika?:(

  147. opalaty Says:

    awwww >< why?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
    wow its over.

    well, time to watch it all over again!!

  148. mynameis GAEUL Says:

    i love SO YI JUNG so much!!!!! to the max

  149. agirl Says:

    if and only if utp got a guy like so yi jung…i wil study harder!!!!!!!!!!!

  150. i'm Says:

    OMG!!! this is the 1st time takes the sub that long any thing wrong?!!!!!!!!!
    :S 2days n im stalker here n im so excited cant even move from the laptop
    i need only the time WHEN IT GOING 2 COME OUT?
    thxxxx xoxox u knw i love u

  151. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Says:

    please up the other episodes screen cap !

  152. Shee Says:


    Just finish watched BOF… Already missing Kim Beom… Heee…

    The drama is great… but poor Song Woo Bin character in the last episode… not much scenes of him… Wonder why???

    Anyway… hope there will be more dramas like this…

  153. jesika Says:

    the remaining two parts have been uploaded. YIPPEEE
    You’ve made my night =)

    It’s been a fairy tale story this drama. Def worth purchasing. Will the epi downloads on this site be availlable indefinitely or are you planning to take them down when the drama becomes licensed (don’t know much abt the licensing issues)?

  154. miracleeex33 Says:

    thanks for the video ^.^ this drama is AWSOME (: .
    i hope they would have more episodes or season 2 xD
    Lyptika ! thanks for uploading :DDD . (:

  155. jesika Says:

    OH LORD Ji HOO looks so hot with those specs…

  156. 장유미(yes thats my REAL name x]) Says:

    Omg i CRYED soooooo much when 준표 remembered 잔디!!!! it was sad and SOO adorable! and when 유미 left i was like YESS TAKE THAT BITCH!! x]

    but yeah its kinda weird cuz thats my actual name haha my parents dont speak english so i dont have an english name either.. american ppl call me “yumi jang” heehee

  157. TK Says:

    just found out. very shocking. T^T

    It popped my bubble of happiness

    I really hate to post this because all of us will be heart broken… but I’ve read from KPCulture that

    UPDATE: For those who have been asking….NO! THERE IS NO BOYS OVER FLOWERS SPECIAL BEING BROADCAST NEXT WEEK! It’s a false rumour!
    SO it was an April Fool’s Joke?!? *sobs*

    Anyway, let’s all find another great drama! If you have something in mind, don’t forget to leave a comment everybody can check it out ;)

    from: http://boys-before-flowers.blogspot.com/2009/04/it-popped-my-bubble-of-happiness.html#comments

  158. mikeul Says:

    hey!! good news.. i hear even though there is no special, there will be a second season… next year, it will be released feb of next year.. i’m not sure if its true, but i hope and praying it is TRUE!!:)) but its said it was confirmed.. u can see for urself:)) lets just cross our fingers!:))


  159. nana yamachi Says:

    o…m…g…it’s…it’s actually over…O____O. i do believe i’m in shock. but….are they gonna make the movie?!!. please make the movie…omg…it’s over….whaaaaaa~~~!!!!!!!!. i seeriously can’t believe it….OMG…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  160. i'm Says:

    iblzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz any1 caaaaaaaaaaan help i neeeed the softsub for ep25
    i will be thaaankful btt dont ignore me

  161. Minho Says:

    Im not 100% sure, but there will apparently be a Season 2!!! If this is true, OMFG!!!!! YeY!!!!! ^^

  162. 장유미(yes thats my REAL name x]) Says:

    i think that the ending of the korean bof was okayy a lil cheesy cuz of the whole looking at the sunset by the beach thing haha and the japanese one ending a lil more well rounded and better haha BUTBUTBUTBUTBUTBUT the way GJP got his memory back AND the whole story itself was WAYYY better & more dramatic than the japanese one so thats better!!

    and for those ppl talking about the 2nd season. . . are you sure they’re not talking about the “season 2” that happened when like GJD went to Macau? Cuz in hana yori dango thats what they made season 2 (but makino actually went to New York) and they MIGHT be old posts refering to that haha.. but idk it would be like CRAZZZYYY AMAZING if there was a season 2 that showed what happens and like the wedding, hopefully!!!

  163. hannah Says:

    loved it :D

  164. Gloria Says:


    such a good drama thanks for everything!!!
    thanks for your hard work .. this was my favvv site for watching the drama =]

    good workkk.. !
    im gonna miss thissss =[

  165. gjh Says:

    what kind of drama wil be next does anyone know that

  166. Anonymous Says:

    OMG. Those fan art on the sides are sooo cute!! I love them. Is there a place to download it? Btw, where can I view Ep 25? It’s not working on this site anymore. But this is totally a cool site. I already bookmarked it! :)

  167. hana Says:

    OMG . ep 25 it ‘s not working . please repair it . thanks you so much .

  168. hana Says:

    Please keep working . This is only place where I can see B.O.F with high quality . thanks you so much for provide us the meaningfull time . so please keep working :)

  169. huimin Says:

    is it true that there will be part 2 of boys over flowers?? but what will the story be??

  170. Nimrodelin Says:

    hm….I heard that too. Do you know Liptika is there will be extra episode about Jun And Jan Di wedding?

  171. Nimrodelin Says:

    If someone want to see this episode go to
    There is a link to veoh! enjoy

  172. sarahh Says:

    why dont the videos workkk?!

  173. sara Says:

    I am also cant open this video

  174. boys over flowers fan Says:

    Here are more fanart from a Chinese fan. You can see some wedding/family scenes of jun pyo and jan di.


  175. boys over flowers fan Says:

    I love this site too! It’s great!

    Reply to Anonymous:
    Those fanart on the side were drawn by a Chinese girl nicknamed “Han Hua Nan Nu”. I love those fanart too, and so I searched for the illustrator by looking at the Chinese signature. I’ve typed the link in the preview message. However, it says “Your comment is awaiting moderation”. I guess it says so whenever there’s a link in the message.

  176. boys over flowers fan Says:

    Let me type in this way:

    http(colon)(double slash)hi(dot)baidu(dot)com(slash)韩花男女(slash)album

  177. hana Says:

    I can’t watch this site anymore . hix I gonna be crazy …:(

  178. verona Says:

    thank u 4lyptika and arashi 4 subbing.

  179. xmik0x Says:

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  180. meeee Says:

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  181. ifah Says:

    why this video dosent work ? gosh , i wanted to watch ep 24 and 25 badly . ):

  182. kimi Says:


  183. JH&JD Says:

    veoh.com has most if not all the episodes with subs… just search it under GBN it should show the BOF drama show…

  184. tendechen Says:

    i m womdering where i can download this whole dramas with subtittle!1

  185. gaeul Says:

    those who want to see more of gaeul and yi jung love story there is a little peek of it in this advertisment

  186. Vivien. :)) Says:

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    i really wanna know. :D

  187. min Says:

    to vivien

    28april09…. i cant wait for it to be aired and subbed!!!

  188. Vivien. :)) Says:

    to min

    where can i watch it? :)
    me too i cant wait to watch it. :))

  189. dorothy Says:

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  191. Miss Anonymous Says:

    T_T WHY KBS!!! i hav searched every SINGLE LINK TO EP 25 and u take it off bcoz of copyright laws!!NOOOOOOO!!!! I<3 Yi Jung and Ji hoo!!!!!

  192. PhilKor14 Says:

    Love u Jan Di !

  193. HANNA Says:

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  194. HANNA Says:

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  195. PIENAA Says:

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  196. chacha Says:

    does anyone know what’s the title of the theme song when jan di dance with F4?

  197. kholoud Says:

    hi i’m from iran .i can’t download these episodes please Guide me

  198. sina Says:

    im sina from iran , its 2011 and wanna say boys before flower r always fresh ! i watched it last year for first time ! after that i live with that movie

  199. sina Says:

    i wrote boys before flowers ! that was my mistake ! i meant boys over flowers

  200. minho Says:

    the videos are not available now.

  201. Anonymous Says:

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  202. rutendo juliet ndemera Says:

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  203. Anonymous Says:

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  204. heart rate monitors watches Says:

    Where can I get copyright free content to write blog on the net?

  205. streaming tv Says:

    Wonderful work! That is the type of information that should be shared across the net. Disgrace on the search engines for no longer positioning this put up upper! Come on over and discuss with my site . Thanks =)

  206. Anonymous Says:

    Wonderful job………and i become fan…….of JIHOO Synbae…………your roll is togood and your work is aassummmmm………..
    after saw this serial really i wish that i meet to all of you …

  207. pooja Says:

    Why again and again show a message that this vedio is removed by user ……plz help me i want to see this episode plz…..

  208. Anonymous Says:

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    nd al the others jun di

  209. Anonymous Says:

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  211. sayuri1410 Says:

    @Zoakdiadj & @chacha : I actually wanted to ask the same question like you guys. :’)
    I really like that song. The song was played too when Ga Eul and Yi Jeong were stepping the clay in his workshop, the scene when Ga Eul almost fell down but Yi Jeong caught her before it’s too late. I loovveee that part and that song! >____<
    Soooo,..anyone know that song? I already searched it on the internet but nothing I got. :'(

  212. daniel Says:

    i like 2 see more of jan di get married 2 jyo pyo i lov all of 4f.i think poeple learn frm that love is powerful tool. Hop 2 see season 4 soon. What an entertainment indeed.good job jan di i like u a lot.wish all the best in life

  213. lucky Says:

    the actors especially jandi is good. but why didnt junpyo assist jandi`s family financialwise even secretly

  214. john yinka Says:

    boys over flower is a touching movie, but i think geunm jan di shud b more smater dan than she was in previous 25 episodes.

  215. rahaf raed Says:

    i love boys over flowers i don’t want it to finish i want more episodes what i well watch? this is sucks :( …. or maybe new season and i love especially yi jeong & ga eul when they be together ^-^

  216. Suja Says:

    He rememba Jan Di !! He swims even !< Wen jan di showz him that chain with the loket he getz irritated and he says lk he dont rememba while de time Jan di jumpz intu the pool !! she was'n tryinG tu swim whiLe de Jun Pyo remembr the part that Jan di helped him wen he fell @de poool !! SuddenLy he Colz out Jan Di !! jumpinG directly intu the poool taking her out n Scolding jan di lyk "dun scare him anymor lyk thiz" !! whil tHe tyM the unni leaves the spot cRyinG !! Jun pyo kisses and hugs Jan di

  217. Iheanyichukwu chiamaka Says:

    Lyk 2 download the video

  218. Anonymous Says:


  219. Raksha Says:

    How can Idwnload the full 25th epi???

  220. shalu Says:

    i love gujunpyo and boys over flowers

  221. shalu Says:

    hii frnds u all love gujunpyo ……………………i love he’s attitude and style, smile umaaaaaaa i love u gujnupyoooooooo

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