Episode 1


Note: Turn on the captions to watch with subs.


67 Responses to “Episode 1”

  1. JENNIFER123 Says:

    Hey you are good at acting Song Woo Bin, So Yi Jungm Goo Jun Pyo, Geum Jan Di and Yoon Ji Hoo!!!!!!!!

  2. Jeera Says:

    I LOVE YOU GUYS for making this site!!

  3. loverrrrrr Says:

    what song is jihoo playing on the violin?

  4. lyptika Says:

    It’s the tune from the OST, “Because I’m Stupid” by SS501

  5. papokachi Says:

    Oh, you removed all ? Why ?

  6. Bsl Says:

    I really really appreciate to making this site guys ^^ Can you please upload the iPOD version in rapidshare server? I couldn’t donwload from the FF and MU :( Please, please help me?

  7. love 09 Says:

    my god

  8. lisa Says:

    why i cannot see the movie

  9. heywatzup Says:

    kim beom is so HOT…… i wanna marry him HOTTIE

  10. kim song Says:


  11. cha Says:

    anyesayo!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks fo the site =^_____^=

  12. threcia Says:


    hope to see you soon here in philippines

  13. Chris Says:

    I really love you for creating this site! Many thanks! Mwah!

  14. nadia Says:

    mjgi7j7g you i love you
    mana lagi pulsa gue habis lagi
    q udah makan pa belum kalau sudah ya udah .

  15. Risa Says:

    Anjeun teh tos alus maenna,sok atuh tingkatkeun deui aktingna supados janten leuwih alus deui ameh loba nu nongton!!
    ^_^ 9
    chaiyoo!! Smangat!

  16. lolo Says:

    one of the three evil girls die really i am not lieing!

  17. missjaebum Says:

    uhmm… hi :) cani talk with the person who manages the websitee?

  18. Anonymous Says:


  19. Anonymous Says:

    waaaahhhhhhhhh.. i love you F4.. hope to see u all in personal… I love u all

  20. nurul23_12 Says:

    mmmmm….this drama is so dramatic…n colourful with love n i love it 4 eva!!!

  21. Asem from Kazakhstan Says:

    I say: thank you for this film! It was very interest. I love F4 and Jan Di. I am 14. But i know English. I never love film like this. I feel myself so happy. And i say for F4 and Jan Di: BE HAPPY!

  22. kedimots Says:

    hope to see u in BOTSWANA guys u realy talented.

  23. opelo Says:

    how do you download this thing i amgoin to school as soon as tomorow and i want to watch it in the plane, help a gal out please…

  24. jaya Says:

    sir please provide the link from where i can download the episode of boys before flowers

  25. Meylór Deeválch Says:

    Phew…!Some pple are truly ‘living pieces of art…!’ f4 xoxo ù à hot and gentlemen.Mr Producer è movie is a mega-piece plz continue. I luv ù Ji hoo xoxo..

  26. Adi Says:

    I like it is Film, this my pavorite Film.

  27. Nor Anis Syafiqah Khairi Says:

    I like it is film,this my pavorite film and thanks.

  28. Lee-Ann Lissa Madrigaal-Tshuma Says:

    guys you made it the best.Wish you could all agree to season 2.YOU THE BEST EVER!!!!!!!!

  29. Anonymous Says:

    hey gu jun pyoo ur great … i love you …

  30. Anonymous Says:

    ma dream z to come south korea and meet you

  31. Anonymous Says:

    you know wat lee min hoo when i watch ur serial boys over flowers …… i was unable to give ma exams coz i ws always thinking abt you… ur awesome .. ur acting z .fabulous… u r fantastic..i love you sooo much… we indian girls crazy abt you…..plz come to india… we wanna meet you…..maself sania

  32. Anonymous Says:

    if u ll ever get time to read ma msgs plzzz do reply….. ill always miss you and ur partner jan di.. u both r awesum acting toh gajab karte ho tum dono………i love you both …….ju gun pyoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…

  33. Anonymous Says:

    absolutely love Kim Hyun Joong as Ji Hoo Sunbae I cried with him and laughed with him and wanted them to change this version of the story for him to get Jandi since he spent more time with her and made her happier when the two of them were together he could always make her smile. He loved her more than Jun Pyo and sacrificed so much for her. On the other hand Jun Pyo was Psychotic in this version and so violent that he didn’t deserve her. For the bit they were together his moods switched so much I wondered how on earth could that strong girl have fallen so low to put up with his crap now! It was a total disservice to the younger girls who were watching this show. Showing a man can be violent and threaten you and even his own friends everytime he feels wronged and still he wins in the end. Totally wrong answer for this show in this version!
    JunPyo left Jandi for Macau this time and then went to America leaving her with JiHoo both times who made her happy, but she pined away for that jerk I just was saddened that because they had to stay true to the original story a wonderful love story like Jandi and JiHoo’s was lost. JiHoo went through so much more it would have been much more fullfilling had he won in the end.

  34. Weljit mayengbam Says:

    Hi.. U r so but

  35. tarcey Says:

    i love u F4, i really want to see u guys one day

  36. tarcey Says:

    my young brother Ethan loves u Jandi

  37. eyerusalem Says:

    my young sister love you kimhyun joong

  38. Anonymous Says:

    go jun pyo was rite foe her ………

  39. dhenov_putri Says:

    hi,, im from indonesia,, why i cant watch that video on youtube ?

  40. Anonymous Says:

    i love you …u r so cuteee

  41. Anonymous Says:

    when i see this i feel very happy. i like this very much

  42. larry dunn Says:

    love ths drama

  43. Anonymous Says:

    This video is not working

  44. Niki Says:


  45. Anonymous Says:

    i love gu jun pyo,geum jan di,yoon ji hoo,ga eul,so yi jung,song woo bin,kae kyung,yumi,goo joon hee,min seo hyun,president,etc.,and all actors and actresses of boys over flowers very much.i have watched boys over flowers twenty two times.this is my twenty third time of watching this favourite fantastic romantic actionful adventured enjoyful superb cute beautiful fighting korean series.
    i love bof very very very very very very very very much.i want to talk to lee min ho(goo joon pyo)because i am one of his fan.i live in india.i live at crawford,trichy.

  46. FATIMAH Says:

    I always want to watch

  47. FATIMAH Says:

    BE the first to like this

  48. jazmyne Says:

    i am in love with jihoo – kim hyung joon. bff is jandi everyone in bof is my bffs

  49. Kristine Says:

    Oh my gosh

  50. Anonymous Says:

    i love this show ,atleast one time ,i want to f4

  51. Rico Says:

    Please let me see the movie. I really NEED to see it. Please!!!

  52. Anonymous Says:

    please let me see the movie… im interested on it.. please

  53. Aisha Says:

    I would like to watch the video

  54. blessed baya Says:

    the video is so fantastic

  55. blessed baya Says:

    Aisha can have your details gud nyt

  56. chairmaine Says:

    i love u lee min ho

  57. chairmaine Says:

    ma dream is to be an actress in korea like lee min ho pliz pliz lreally like lee min ho

  58. chairmaine Says:

    can i talk to Aisha

  59. Ketson Says:

    it takes passion to do something like this with a difference and impact……

  60. samuel Says:

    i like u all i love u all

  61. Anonymous Says:

    how to download it yar

  62. jojo Says:

    I like this movie

  63. Anonymous Says:

    Please send me all songs

  64. Anonymous Says:

    i like the korean shoe

  65. Anonymous Says:


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