Episode 16


Note: Turn on the captions to watch with subs.


47 Responses to “Episode 16”

  1. ms Says:

    thank you soooo much!
    i can’t wait till mondayyyyy

  2. sookyung Says:

    omg omg omg mee too!! i wanna know what happened!! haha just one more day till 15 comes out and only 2 more days till 16 comes out!! ahhh i cant wait!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i love boys before flowersss!! 이민호 오빠 사랑해!~~~ ㅋㅋㅋ

  3. Anonymous Says:

    yeheeeeeeeeeeey one more sleep and it’s monday can’t wait for both episodes…
    anyway thanks for the 16 preview!

  4. kimbumluvr Says:

    OMG!!! i cant wait to see kim bum and kim so eun dating!!!!(:

  5. anonymous Says:

    i love 구헤선:)
    she’s so cool
    and I love the fact that she’s unlike other actresses.
    she’s NEVER done surgery or anything!
    I love her!

    I can’t wait till Monday :)
    I’ll download it before I go to school.

  6. nana yamachi Says:

    i hope that girls gets refused by goo joon pyo!!!!! i can’t believe she had the guts to ask what she did in ep. 15!!!!!!!! and i thought she was nice too!!!.
    jandi and joon pyo 4 ever!!!!!!!!! X3

  7. Punchy Says:

    Thank you so much lyptika

  8. Shannon Says:

    I absolutely love this show.. and I have never been into Korean Drama before! Ugh I am obsessed.

  9. anaoyen Says:

    thank u so much lyptika

  10. ashley Says:

    ugh why did they have to stop the preview RIGHT
    there.! :\ i have a feeling jaekyung is going to
    say she likes jun pyo. NOOOOO.!~
    i cant wait till tuesday im waking up at 5:00 in the
    morning so i can watch it before schoo. :)

  11. Chaeyeon Says:

    oh i HATE that stupid girl who want to “work it out with jun Pyo” ughhhhhhhhhhhh i hate her. she is ugly and pathetic. I want jandi and junpyo to be together. I love him!!!

  12. Chaeyeon Says:

    Mann. what happened to episode 15 on this site. it was never here. but i saw it on you tube

  13. Tina Says:

    what happended with episode 15 is not here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!what will i survive

  14. Shunmi Says:

    Many thanks to this great site. Good job, Lyptika. Salute to the fabulous team. Luv ya. My gooness. Junpyo omma really look like a witch. Even donning those expensive gowns didn’t change her image. make me think of snow white & 7 dwarfs’ witch.

  15. Tina Says:

    can’t wait to actually be able to watch episodes 15-16. When will you post them?
    I’m completelly hooked on BOF don’t even watch spanish soap operas anymore i’m a kdrama fan.
    I love Junpyo i like him, want him, can’t have him isn’t it sad?
    Thanks for the postings keep up the good job.

  16. carey Says:

    mucho gracias!

  17. elise0605 Says:

    thanks Lyptika, ep 16 is so great

  18. Reema^_^ Says:

    كومااااو على الجهد الي قاعدين تبذلونه
    and I love u sooo much

  19. Jenny Le Says:

    OMG!!! I will stop watching this movie till they have the last ep!!!

  20. Alice Says:

    Umm Good job lyptica and thanks for all the episodes you uploaded! This is the best site to watch boys over flowers <333 But I just want to know, why does it say Embedding disabled by request? :(

  21. sarahh Says:

    why doesnt the fisrt one work?! :(

  22. wakawaka Says:

    when will the download for ep 16 subs be available?

  23. Katy Says:

    Thank you so much for the subbing =)

  24. lyptika Says:

    Arashi disabled embedding for the first part, so I embedded the first part from lovlibelle. =) Working fine now.

  25. K Says:

    So when WITH S2 subs become available, you take down your own and put up theirs? Just making sure!

    Also, Ep 16 subs download link isn’t working, in case anyone can re-upload. Thank you!!

  26. KimBum Says:

    i wish that the date was for reall
    SoEul Mates!!!!!!!

  27. Sunmi Says:

    OMG! All 4 guys possess d sweetest smile tat simply melt your heart. Sooo handsome…It’s like a masterpiece. Perfect features

  28. Anonymous Says:

    thnk you lyptika, hope u continue to upload these series……………………….thnk you ssoooooo much………

  29. Shannon Says:

    thanks Lyptika! I am able to watch it with my husband because of the subtitles! :)

  30. Tina Says:

    I love BOF cann’t wait ’til monday. Thank your for posting the episodes with subs.
    Lyptika you rock!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. cherdene Says:

    Thanks for the upload, I really love this show, I see it is somewhat like the Tiawan version (Meteor Garden). LOVE LOVE it. I have been watching Kim Hyun Joong (Ji Hoo) in the tv series “We Got Married”, his group, and I can say he has not disappointed me. I am still rattling my brain about what the fortune tell told Jan Di.
    Two Men: One her husband, One her soul mate…….
    They should be releasing 3 per week not two…. I just love this show……Thanks

  32. doris p Says:

    is it just me??…can’t play eps 16 5/6? …please help!! it’s seems that the juicy part is in this one….

  33. lyptika Says:

    Part 5 plays fine. Try to reftresh the page.

  34. gjh Says:

    when and what time bof is showing in kbs world
    could someone tell me what i had asked

  35. lyptika Says:

    Here’s the schedule for KBS World: http://kbsworld.kbs.co.kr/schedule/daily_schedule.html

  36. gjh Says:

    tnx lyptika
    you are the best

  37. Ratori Says:

    Hai lyptika…

    why every time I want watch the movie it says that ” THIS MOVIE HAS BEEN REMOVED BY USER ”

    thank you ,,,,

  38. Anonymous Says:

    me too.. im dying to watch this episode.. btw thanks for uploading :)

  39. Anonymous Says:

    why does this person suck at uploading videos..lovlibelle did so much better i cant see anything this is stupid why is it so blurry wow u suck

  40. Jeannie Says:

    dont be mean anonymous. at least this person uploaded and subbed. although its not HD.

    this episode part 1, where jandi is eating with jaekyung..
    the black sausage part. she is so adorable. hahaa.

    poke 2 sausages XD

  41. lyptika Says:

    I’ll try to find some other source for subbed AND high quality videos. Youtube is suspendig everyone who’s uploading this show, so it’s kinda hard. -_-

  42. trisha Says:

    hi all u is cute but i hate you all

  43. rhej;;;;;;; Says:

    helo alam nyon ang gnda nang boys over flower

  44. rachelle Says:




  45. Anonymous Says:

    HeY nAMA Q M0niCa_ w fns bngt ma lo sMuA mulai dr gaya,karakter,mode w likE bnGT..
    Lo smUa Inspirasi idUp W

  46. lalaland Says:

    why all the episodes at here says that it is not available due to copyright? i can’t watch it! is it only me?

  47. furahini simba Says:

    waoh this was awaresome.

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