Episode 22


Note: Turn on the captions to watch with subs.

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75 Responses to “Episode 22”

  1. tsaqif Says:

    wait………………………. after preview 22………….. still wait/////

  2. JP Says:


  3. Jess Lau Says:

    It’s amazing how I’ve seen every version of Boys Over Flowers and I know they end up together but I’m still surprised everytime.

  4. Quase Says:

    Portuguese fan here. Just to let you know that I’m really thankful for hard your hard work on posting these previews and episodes. I’m absolutely dying to see what happens next.
    Keep up the excelent work!

  5. Chaeyeon Says:

    yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah and even more yeahs. i new gu jun pyo want going to give up on his woman. the kiss is soooooooooooooo romantic

  6. putri Says:

    wat’s next after kkotboda namja finish?Hope you will remain active in posting episodes and eng subbing korean dramas. Thank you for the hard work and thanks to noona harlina for sharing!

  7. lilkp Says:

    쉽게 깨지 지 않은 단단한 마음을 얻기 위해선, 걸러지고, 발 피고, 펄펄끝는 불감아 속에서 참고 견뎌야 된다.

  8. bear Says:

    whos tha baby?

  9. Mitsuki Says:

    I prefer jang di and ji hoo togther. Make it more suprising than the other versions.

  10. anggi Says:

    OMG!! Yj is become weak.. i miss him like in the caledonia.. i miss his smile..

  11. buddhaman68 Says:

    i like this version of HYD – it’s different – sometimes i see that they are following the manga…i cant wait for monday and tuesday…thanks for the upload and sub – you are awesome…

  12. didie Says:

    where is episode 22 ?????
    why monkey is so ”babi merampas bf orang”?????

  13. verona Says:

    i still wait for next episode…how romantic

  14. yunjaeju.... Says:

    who is that children??

  15. lka;dfdfk;ajg Says:

    y did u have to tell people what was going to happpenn..
    u guys try to keep the comments on the ones that are playing not what some havent seen…!

    and idk who thth child was that was really randomnn
    i guess we just have to watch

  16. nana yamachi Says:

    the child is just a patients child. if you’re thinkin it might be JD and JP then sry. it’s just a random kid they have in there, really cute though

  17. chigeul Says:

    ahhh…i can’t wait anymore…..my heart beating and jumping when seeing Jan Di and Jun Pyo or Jee Hoo scene, the rest
    F4 were nicely putting together too
    every episode brings it’s own enigma, and climate
    well done guys!! TQ by adding up this 22 ep. preview..
    luv you guys and BOF~

  18. han yae jin ♥ Kim Bum Says:

    thnks for the preview! xD
    I hope that Jandi and Joon Pyo..gets together..xD
    I know they will^^
    Joon Pyo & Jandi *FIGHTING*

  19. kojjhs Says:

    omg! ><
    thanks a MILLION for the preview!!!!!

    but …. in my personal opinion I think that Jandi and Joon Pyo
    SHOULDNT get together….. Jandi and JiHoo is better for me

  20. kikito Says:

    kojjhs, I agree like them better to Jandi and JiHoo

  21. Chaeyeon Says:

    I love the pics on the side of the screen. is it a real kiss or do they have to kiss?

  22. abby Says:

    My attention was focus on GJD’s mouth I notice that her teeth are perfectly line up, they are even, no wonder why GJP don’t complain when she kiss her.Lucky GJP I’m so jealous of you.And it’s really good to see this two happily together , I hope their happiness will last forever, but I guess not the spoiler is on the way. I just have to close my eyes….as long as the storm will pass away anyway from them sooner or later. ok? NO problem I’m still anxious for the ending. good night every one…

  23. 소희 Says:

    ahhh!!! 꽃보다 남자 today!!! hahah
    omgomgomgomgomgomg theres only 4 episodes left (counting this)!!!! ahhhh this week and next week and then its finished!! NOOOO!!! I FREAKING LOVE THIS DRAMA!! haha

    민호<3 소희

  24. lianna24 Says:

    when will you upload the ep.22 im crazy waiting 4 it!… can u please upoad it sooooonnnn!…..tnx…tnx…

  25. happyhosue_fullhouse Says:

    today,Could you upload ep 22?i’m waiting your ep 22 ,Please please….

  26. lyptika Says:

    The episode just ended. I never said I wouldn’t post it, did I? =)
    Patience! Requests like this are not helpful at all. And don’t dare ask for subs just yet, guys! xD

  27. atx12 Says:

    I hope JAN DI & JI HOO TO BE TGT!!!!!! sry I like JP too but I think the other two fits better :)

  28. lyptika Says:

    Yes, but JP is the one she loves. Even if JH will be probably the better boyfriend, JP is the one who makes her happy… And JH knows that, that’s why he’ll be able to let her go.
    Actually JH was supposed to be the main character of this series (but the mangaka said that she kept falling for JP more and more, so he turned out to be the main character. I’m glad she changed that :D).

  29. kojjhs Says:

    awww me too i want jandi ans jihoo
    !!!!!! <

  30. lupe Says:

    tanx you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Chaeyeon Says:

    what in the world is up with the deep slow voices

  32. buddhaman68 Says:

    Thank you so much for the sub and the upload…this is the sweetest, best episode so far. I love it when JP said “saranghae” to JD and also when they were in the zoo, how cute is that that he keeps moving the kid so he can be next to JD…poor JH but JD really loves JP…they are sooooooo cute together. Again, thank you for the sub and upload…You are completely awesome!!!

  33. lyptika Says:

    lol Yeah, I know …
    It’s kinda creepy xD
    It’s a well known Youtube bug, I just hope Arashi will reupload that part. I will post it then.

  34. Anonymous Says:

    yh part 4 is weird can u fix it plz?

  35. Vicky_Mel Says:

    Hi, lyptika. Thank u so much for your hard work!!! I’m very appreciate that!
    Ah, does all the episode in the download part have eng sub? I want to download but I’m not sure whether they have sub. Tks heaps!

  36. lyptika Says:

    All videos in the download section are RAW (non subbed).
    WITH S2 (Subbing team working on this project) don’t want their subs to be hardsubbed, that’s the reason.
    Softsubs don’t work for you?

  37. Vicky_Mel Says:

    Oops, maybe I’m not high- tech type. :P…but what is soft subs?
    Tks for very fast reply. :)

  38. lyptika Says:

    It’s a seperate text file containing the subs. You can play it along with the video (just like usual hard/embeded subs). Check out the help section, it’s all explained there. ^^

  39. laura Says:

    thank you so much for uploading this show!!! your doing a great job!!! *^^*

  40. Vicky_Mel Says:

    Great! tks for ur help!

  41. kojjhs Says:

    awwww . . .
    i wish she was awake when JH said that!!!!!
    omg. ><

  42. kojjhs Says:


    You deserve a *woot woot*

    and a big prize . . . that i don’t have . . .


  43. nyoro~n Says:

    the audio on the 4th video is in slo-mo for me :\

  44. Jihoo Says:

    OMG you had it on quickly and sub too!!! Thank you sooooooooooooo muchhhhhh!!!!

  45. manonelize Says:

    Lol. part 4 is slo mo for me too. Ga Eul sound like Jabba the Hut. lol

  46. abby Says:

    Thanks a lot for episode 22 and prev.23.You don’t even know how much you give us happiness.It’s a wonderful episode. Only that I am sad after looking at the prev. 23.
    Her friend’s father lost the job cuz of the wicked witch.Now GJD hear it and I kbow she will be very frustrated again..
    Now that the wedding was call off the strong wind bounce back to GJD. Hopefully she will not be blown away too far from GJP. Please don’t let her suffer too long my heart hurts….I wish GJD will be able to help GJP’s father to recover and wake up. I guess he is the onlt person that can GJD & GJP to be together and get married at last.

  47. Gloria Says:

    is the dude in a coma gyujoonpyos dad??

  48. minminn Says:

    OMGG!! i cant wait for the next one to come out!!>< excitement!!:] and is the reason ga eul is tired is to help yi jung or to find a job, cuz of her dad?? and the lil boy was soo cute!!^^

  49. ami Says:

    wooohhh!!! wow this episode is so good… i really like it… especially when ji hoo and jan di washing the car… jae kyung, you’re so good… jun pyo, aja!!!
    i think the man in coma, is jun pyo’s dad…

  50. sakura Says:

    really hope that gaeul will ended with yi jung.. so cute~

  51. kay Says:

    omg…i want JD and JP….so sweet couple….

  52. kay Says:

    omg…i want JD and JP….so sweet couple….>..<

  53. Lori:) Says:

    Wonderful episode :) Thanks again! :)

  54. jordan Says:

    :( part 4 has been removed….????

  55. verona Says:

    thanks for arashi … great episode!

  56. Saadah Says:

    thank you so soo much lyptika. love the youtube channel. i used to download your Veoh videos, but now Veoh has been banned here. it’s really great that you’re at other sites too.. especially youtube.
    ps. very clever hiding! lol

  57. mutiara Says:

    omggggg :D
    this episode was so good except for the part where jandi was sleeping rather than listening to what jihoo said .__.
    hahahah, cant wait next ep, gaeul and yijung XD

  58. nina Says:

    hi lyptika. it seems that arashi has removed part 4? any other alternative other than viikii’s?

  59. Riki D Rorat Says:

    사랑을 얻기 위해서일까요

  60. 구준표 Says:

    Part onee is loading soo~~ slowly,it’s already night timee i have to go to school tomorrow and it’s just simply loading slowly..

  61. lyptika Says:

    What’s your bandwidth? Try to turn off the HQ option.

  62. Tina Says:

    wasn’t there episode 23 as well? anyhow thanks a lot for the job well done keep posting………………………..I’m really anxious for next week’s episode.

  63. han yae jin ♥ Kim Bum Says:


  64. Micky Says:

    Does anyone know the name of the Korean song playing in the background towards the end of Episode 22, part 3? It’s playing while “Monkey” is looking at the shoes on the plane…

  65. CaliGirl Says:

    Hey Micky the name of the song played at the end of Ep. 22 part 3 is by T-Max – Fight the bad feeling (ballad version)

    Also, THANK yOU SOOOO much for uploading all these episodes and the soundtrack. Whoever you are, you are SOO AWESOME!! :)

  66. Micky Says:

    Wow, thank you CaliGirl! I just realized that all songs from this drama are on this site. Whoever this is who is putting all this together, THANK YOU so much! You put in a lot of work and it is much appreciated (especially the translations w/ Korean). I am all smiles now… =)

  67. Amanda Says:

    i really want to see Jan Di and Ji Hoo together. they make such a cute couple! Jun Pyo and Jan Di together is so predictable. they should come up with a different ending from the other versions:( but either way, i still love Boys Over Flowers!

  68. monicats22 Says:

    this is sooooo much, tnx

  69. ej Says:

    Does anyone know the song or have the song that is played in Episode 22 at around 5:30 (when Ha Jae Kyung objected on the wedding).

    I really can’t find it anywhere.

    Thanks a lot! ^_^

  70. qyla Says:

    i’ts full of suspen and make me emo to watch the scene which make jan di and junpyo going to break..

  71. yuna646 Says:

    who knows which song played in episode 22,in the beginning.If anybody knows please tell me.

  72. trabajar desde casa Says:

    How to install a custom blog design while using ftp publishing?

  73. Anonymous Says:

    hey i am desperately looking for the melody at the beginning can someone please tell me what it´s called please :D

  74. alex Says:

    me too.. i am also looking for the opening music of episode 22. been tracking with trackid and soundhound but no results. no one knows?

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