F4 Special


Thanks dramanoella for subbing!

•♥• Download this Special: | Ental | Moohan | Notorious | iPod | •♥•


77 Responses to “F4 Special”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    subtitle pls………….

  2. f4fan Says:

    hi thanks for posting up vids so fast!!! just wondering, are you gonna post up eng sub for the special?

  3. lyptika Says:

    If someone is willing to sub this – sure. IF. =)

  4. jacy Says:

    I love this website so much :X In this special show, I really ẹnoy ” behind the scene” clip. So Funny :D

  5. minminn Says:

    i wish i understood this…
    subs plzz!!!!!

  6. KimBum'sCutie Says:

    eng sub pleaseee!!!!!
    goo junpyo looks HOT with his hair straightened

  7. catherine Says:


    I am an american and this is my first time watching a Korean Drama.. I love this drama… i try to watch it first in korean to see if i can get the main idea .. then watch it again in english to see if i was rite and what i missed.. lol .. thanks for this website… love it

  8. Anonymous Says:

    why can’t I see the video?

  9. So Yeon Says:

    yeah the last one it says:
    “This video has been removed due to terms of violation”

  10. annlee Says:

    i could not watch like it been remove due to violation ????

  11. dorothy2 Says:

    why cant watch ?

  12. dorothy2 Says:

    is there any other link ?

  13. Tina Says:

    where is episode 17&18, Lyptika where are you located that you get to see the new episodes before me ( I live in Los Angeles, CA)

  14. Tina Says:

    It’s so sad the special got removed from this site but i hope you can link us somewhere else to watch it. Thank you

  15. gjh Says:

    when did ji hoo have an accident?
    does anyone knows about it
    ohh by the way thanks to Lyptika for uploading this movie and for everyone who did translation

  16. Thu Anh Says:

    I am a Vietnamese.
    Anyway thanks ! Cu-map-ta << right? :D

  17. lyptika Says:

    @Thu Anh
    Go to the Download section and choose the version you want to download. From there on it’s self-explanatory. If you have any other questions, please refer to the Help section.

  18. mj Says:

    omg thank you soooooo much for posting this~!!

  19. apanong Says:

    huhu,eng sub plz, I cannot unđerstand

  20. vikki Says:

    hey, thanks for posting this episode but you did not sub it all, rite…can you sub it again…i pretty want to watch this episode but i can’t understand…plz sub it…many thanks

  21. lyptika Says:

    No one said it’s going to be subbed, rite? I have no timed subs for this, neither have I time to time them. You can try to watch this at viikii.net, it’s not completely subbed there though.

  22. chigeul Says:

    i luv this site…but..can u pls put the sub..I dont understand korean ..but i do want to know what the F4 said during this interview
    the F4 cast were so good looking, KHJ have good looks and good voice…SS501 yoo!! love the boy band music too~

    i agreed BOF series were the best korean drama 2009
    go go chayuk..

  23. Vivien. :)) Says:

    anyone knows where the part 6 is? i try to find it at youtube but it wasn’t there. please and thank you. :)

  24. Oz Says:

    Can someone please sub this Special Ep??? Cause I just can’t understand Korean:((
    But I really really want to know what they’re talking about…
    I’ve been looking in ‘Subtile’ but nothing shows up, please please please…
    Thank you so much much much if anyone can help ;))

  25. lupe Says:

    tanx for the sub

  26. kikimags Says:

    hi, will this be uploaded as an ipod version?

  27. Monica Says:

    Ji Hoo didn’t have an accident, Goo Hye Sun did, she’s the one that plays Jan Di. You can find out more about it on a lot of Korean forums. ^_^

  28. _ra. Says:

    zomfg, thanks for subbing this.

  29. apanong Says:

    someone can tell me why I cannnot watch Eng sub in these clips, thx, hix

  30. Ynie_Junsu Says:

    Hi!! thanks for sharing the subs video. just want to ask. will you upload the download-able plus sub video for F4 special and happy together?? thanks… ^o^

  31. honeybunch Says:

    help !!!!! i wish i can understand korean !!!! pls could anyone put subs here??pls pls pls….

  32. huimin Says:

    hey hey..

    the torrent for F4 special seems to be missing… anyone knows can help me??

    thank you!!

  33. RaiulBaztepo Says:

    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language ;)
    See you!
    Your, Raiul Baztepo

  34. hunny Says:

    hi lyptika…it seems that they remove the video…is there any way i could view it with the subs as well…thanks!

  35. hunny Says:

    hi lyptika…it seems that they remove some of the video…is there any way i could view it with the subs as well…thanks!

  36. rian Says:

    hi! can i ask where i can find/ download the sub for the f4 special? thanks!

  37. hanis Says:

    why this video did not work?
    why KBS american copyrite?
    i hate this…

  38. Mideoyo Says:

    where can i found the softsub sor f4 special (moohan).
    Thx.. =)

  39. Anonymous Says:

    well cant you upload it to mega site or smth??! plz :((

  40. Beku Says:

    How beautiful they are?

  41. sammi Says:

    sigh, the subs are gone, would there be any soft subs to be uploaded? thanks =)

  42. hanna Says:


  43. bhabylyn Says:

    hi f4 i love you so much

  44. bhabylyn Says:

    your my no.1 fan

  45. bof_addict Says:

    it would have been better if there was a subtitle so i could understand..
    anywayz, does anyone know the title of the song that kim bum was playing on the piano??pls. answer.

  46. lawluikee Says:

    i love u all very much…>.<

  47. lawluikee Says:

    i will alway support u………f4

  48. ossie Says:

    i don’t understand this video

  49. AuroraTuyor Says:

    ~:~wow!, this is was so great~:~
    ~:~i luv f4~:~
    ~:~i will always support bys oevr flowers~:~
    ~:~i luv u all~:~

  50. jillian Says:

    hi to all i really wish that i can meet to in person
    I will always support boys over flowers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Enjhy Says:

    I love Lee Min ho….
    Who have lee minho’s e-mail???
    Please tell me….
    Is the best korean I’ve ever seen

  52. TasyahJoenoes Says:

    Love u full lee minoo,kim joon,kim bum,&kim hyun joong

  53. royal Says:

    I love leeminho
    You are so grate… and so beautiful..
    Than I love You so much F4……

  54. Anonymous Says:

    i love you hyun joong

  55. sammi Says:

    I was so impressed by Kim Hyun Joong’s beatiful skin complex.I’m in love with him…psps…

  56. sammi Says:


  57. JanLuong Says:

    How can I get Eng sub for these???? Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!

  58. Black angel Says:

    this is real special episode.

  59. herlin Says:

    i love you so much lee min hoo, goo hye sun, kim bum, kim so eun, kim joon, kim hyun joong, mmmmuuuuach

  60. Aika Says:

    Lee minho is the best I adore him. Great movie!

  61. mercede Says:

    realy f4 is 4 flower, ilove you lovely f4! sarangi !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    drama boys before flower is the best………..

  62. elahe&sonia Says:

    lee min ho i love you
    who have lee min ho e_mail?
    my id is mimi_bala20072000@yahoo .com
    your movie beautiful
    f4 really is flower

  63. elahe&sonia Says:

    we live to iran and we like you come to our country please tell me 98_05125224083

  64. elahe&sonia Says:

    lee min ho i date 13/1/2011waite for you to chat room my id mimi_bala20072000&sahar_bivafa53 time online 16:00 peales connected by

  65. sina Says:

    hi im iranian , i watch this movie for 3 times ! and thing i will watch it again , i love this movie and love korea

  66. tanya^^ Says:

    I can’t see this videos=(

  67. tafadzwa Says:

    looking for the english subtitles for the special episode. have downloaded the episode already. could someone please post the link.

  68. Kylie Says:

    Cant get enuf

  69. alex Says:

    don’t understand…sad

  70. amber Says:

    Cant see the video sad :(

  71. Anonymous Says:


  72. Dennise Tibar Says:

    i dont know but i think ilike to watch it over and over again :)

  73. Dennise Tibar Says:

    i hope it will have a Season 2 Like Meteor Garden :)

  74. BOF forever - f4 Says:

    i love BOF…. so sweet…

  75. Kettie Desvallons Says:

    These videos aren’t working, but I’ve got them in my BOF playlist on youtube :)

  76. Anonymous Says:

    I liked this movie slot i hoped it will never end it brings tears to my eyes. I am a fans of lee min ho

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